Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why I won't vote for Trump or Clinton, no matter what.

Even if it means throwing my vote to an independent or (gasp) not voting at all; I will not vote for Trump or Clinton. No way, no how, and I'll tell you why. Some of you will get all bent out of shape and that's on you. I don't care. Vote for who you want to vote for, it's your right to help steer our country to any path of destruction you desire. It's one more thing in my long list of why I hate politics. People becoming a bunch of raving two-year-olds over anyone who doesn't agree with their voting strategy. Well, I won't be hurt if you don't like my vote. If it makes you feel better to insult me over it, again; that's on you. Now I'm going to make a statement that some people might actually be surprised at, but mark it well:

We need to start holding our politicians to a higher standard and soon.

Now let me expand on that with my explanation of why I won't be voting for either of these disastrous people.

Let's start with Trump.

People have given me the following reasons that they want to vote for Trump and think that he'll be our savior. "He's a businessman!" "He's made billions of dollars!" "He knows how to run things!

So basically, you think he's a professional? Not by what I've seen. Let me give you the latest turn of Trump events. The first I've even pointed out before.

- In the New Hampshire Primary Trump won the GOP vote with 32% of the total votes. Sure. He won. But that also means that 68% of Republicans voting didn't want him. I wish people would stop and think about that for just a second or two. Trump sure has.

-Now Trump is throwing a big temper tantrum claiming it's all about "Cruz says mean things about me... WAAAAAA!" and now is threatening to leave the Republican party and go back to being an Independent. You know, maybe if he can't take it he shouldn't dish it? Even so, he's also threatening to sue Cruz which takes the whole issue to a whole new level of ridiculous. It's like no one has ever seen political mudslinging before. Well, apparently Trump thinks it's okay only if he does it. LINK (and there are plenty of them on this same article so have fun fact checking).

-As a third point, and all I'll really need to form the rest of my choice I'm going to quote Trump from one of his rallies regarding the Syrian refugees:  "If I'm elected, you're going back."  Hold on a second. Several countries took in these refugees at direct request of the United Nations and that includes us.

Conclusion: Trump is a great big spoiled brat celebrity, used to having everything HIS way. If he can't have it HIS way, he throws lawsuits around like dollar bills at a strip club and stomps his feet and shakes his fists. And if you're voting for him, you are basically saying that you want a President who sues everyone he doesn't agree with, defies the United Nations and tells our allies to go screw themselves, and insults everyone else to get his way. Yes, if he defies the UN he is telling our allies to screw themselves. If you think he won't apply that same reasoning to every other issue he deals with, you are dreaming. Is that really what we want in the behavior of a PRESIDENT? Do we just not care anymore? Apparently not.

He's a thought: if he's ready to quit his nominating party that fast, how long will he last as President? Think about it.

Now for Clinton.

All I see when I see this woman on the news anywhere is someone so mad for power she's drooling. He whole deal is getting into office by any means necessary. She'll agree with anyone, even if that means changing her stance like a circus contortionist at any given second. All to be the "first woman President". Everyone knows she's been under investigation for billions of missing dollars and evidence that conveniently vanished. You don't have to look far for the ego driven history of Hillary Clinton. This article has a comprehensive list and you can fact check it all you want. There is so much conspiracy and shadow and power madness to Hillary's entire history, that I can't fit it all here. I can't make a bullet point list because of the sheer magnitude of horrible things attached to her. But apparently, again, people are willing to put her in control of our country. How nice.

These are not the qualities of leadership in any way or form. They are qualities of greed. I won't vote for them.

Yes, I will be voting for Bernie Sanders. If I cannot, then I will throw my vote at an independent or I won't vote at all. I can't bring myself to be directly responsible for the damage that either of these people will do to our country. That' doesn't mean I think Sander's is an angel, but compared to either of these two monsters, he comes pretty damn close.