Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And yet we are blessed

This is a really tough blog to write. I'm going to explain something I haven't yet because of several reasons. As I explain this, though, I want you to understand how blessed we are because of the assistance we have had and the people who are working with my son now. Yes, we are blessed in spite of the situation.

I used to be able to order and give out free stuff in my Galaxy Zento biz. I can't now. I've told people that we are bent over a barrel and there have been some medical issues with myself and my dear wife, but I haven't explained this part of the story. Why? Because I'm not looking to bitch or sob. But I have contained this long enough that I really can't just stay shut down over it any more. I need to talk. There are names I still cannot say, so forgive that and just bear with me.

As many of you know I have a super 13 year old son with autism. He's a great kid and we are so proud of him every day. He's gone through so much. Right now he's in a "private school" that specializes in his educational needs. The reason our family has no money for any extras (and barely enough for some essentials) is that we are paying 298 dollars a month to put him through school.

It could be worse, but a wonderful, wonderful company fronted half the years tuition. So why don't we have him in public school? This is the hard part. The part where I can't name names. But it's like this; about two years ago, my son had to spend a few months in a hospital for the heavy stress related injuries caused by the school system. Without going into a ton of details, it's as simple as that.

I've been asked why I can't afford to buy copies of my own game or pay for pro artists etc, well that's why. And frankly, my son is just a little more important than how they think I should try to start my business. But that's just a side frustration. I digress.

Sue them? No. Believe it or not, that would actually hurt quite a few people. I spoke to a very good attorney who won a case for another family against the same system over 5 years ago. That system owes said family over a hundred grand and has yet to pay a single penny. Not only that, but the system will retaliate and drag my son's current school under a microscope to "see if he's getting proper education there". That would hurt every student there that this wonderful school has helped. So, the way we are doing this is the best way we possibly can.

We live by circulating credit cards, not having cable, and keeping it at the bare essentials. And it's totally worth it. My son has been helped so very much, that I love that place. I would rather be house poor than see them hurt him. Because they told me, to my face, that middle school here would not follow his IEP and they had no fear in telling me that because there is just no damned enforcement here. And my family is not the only special needs family they have done this with. They scare families away so they don't have to deal with them.

So, for you IEP warriors out there. PLEASE don't ask who they are. I won't tell you. If you find out, please don't contact them, you will hurt us and countless other families. I just needed to talk it out. I know many of you will understand.

What saddens me is how much some people don't understand (like the elitists of Kickstarter and board games who ran me off). Finding out only that I'm disabled was enough for them to say I was full of excuses and to go away. God only knows what they'd say about my son. Again, side frustration. Sorry.

But we never give up. I fight to show my son that it's always worth it to keep going. I'm so proud of his accomplishments and overcoming. And before anyone asks. We never told him to blame his school system even though he's fearful of certain people if he sees them in public. He sees his time at the hospital as something he needed to help aim in the right direction and learn important life skills. He does not consider himself a victim, rather a growing boy with his own difficulties. Now we just have to figure out what we are doing about High School once we have him caught up, because if we can't move, he will be back in that system again. Not sure what we'll do about that.