Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's executive order on immigration and...

why it's bullshit.

Give him a chance! That's what his supporters keep screaming as they cheer every unconstitutional trick he pulls. People are very afraid and his supporters think that fear is pretty tasty and hilarious. Now he's keeping his word about that stupid wall and guess what, Mexico is not going to pay for it. I have yet to see anyone give one legal reason that will hold water for Mexico to pay for a wall around our country. Never mind the fact that it won't stop people getting in with legal visas. For the inanely stupid out there, that is how people get into our country by majority. They do it with a legal visa and just don't leave when it expires. Oh, but Trump has a plan for that. He's got an executive order that will make all the Muslim haters in our country weep with joy. And it's extremely offensive and bigoted. It's racial profiling at possibly the worst in history. Oh, but give him a chance.

Let's take a look at a break down of what he's doing with this so far. You can see the entire order online pretty easily.

1: Both travel and immigration to our country from the following shall be banned (with an open left to add more countries later) :  Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran.

Because we never ever want to have peaceful talks with these countries ever again. You have family here? Don't worry, they'll be sent to you shortly, whether legally here or not. I guess, at least we aren't doing the whole internment camp again. Or will we?

2: It is advised that students from the listed countries not leave the US, for they shall not be permitted to return.

Because we only want to give education to foreign students we particularly like. Discrimination? Nah, it's not discrimination. They can call "alternative facts" like waving Mentos around in a murder commercial.

3: People from those countries with visas who have not traveled to the US, will not be allowed  in. Their visas are void.

Yep, because good or bad.. fuck you and your country too.

4: The ban will extend to spouses of US Citizens of those countries with pending applications to the US.

Wait, what? Seriously? Okay, let's destroy some families while we're at it because this would be way too boring otherwise. Oh but wait, that gets better as we go.

5: The EO will call for what is known as a "values test" with questions such as:
-Do you follow Sharia Law?
-Do you believe in beheadings?
-What do you think of gays?

Uh, because people trying to get into our country for any reason will just magically fess right the fuck up on that shit. You know, our country has pulled this crap before. We did it to the Japanese right before we carted them off to internment camps. We did to fully legal citizens only because they were Japanese and not for any other reason. So we haven't learned our lesson (or at least the Republicans haven't) and we're just going to do it again. This time to Muslims. Oh wait, we did to the Indians too when we took all their land away. And all the rest of the Muslims in those countries and students from them can just fuck off. They don't even get a questionnaire.

How can anyone who claims to support democracy actually support this? How? How is this a good example of what he's going to do? Hell, it's not even all he's pulling so far. I'll probably write about that too because now I need a place to vent and this is it.