Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Discussion of Civil War Today


With a third of all Americans believing we are headed for Civil war and constant threats being used in political positions, you have to stop and think about it. It is a potential reality. But what will it look like? Are you in danger in your town? I believe I have a point of view for you. 

Firs I would like to direct you to an article that shares thoughts I agree with and I find it very fair toward both political parties to boot. Read it HERE

Got it? Good.

If you google Proud Boys Civil War, you will find reports across multiple media sources quoting a "member" of the extremists to say that there will be civil war if Trump is not re-elected. I do believe there will be violence, but a civil war? Hard to say how that will pan out. What will it look like?

For one, it won't be a two sided fight. It will be multi-sided with several groups all of the mentality of "if you start shooting, I'll start shooting". This will develop pockets of significant violence in many major cities and some medium ones, but it won't be anything remotely organized over a large area. One thing is for certain, it will be absolute chaos.  A lot of innocent lives will be lost because none of these groups will have a solid grasp of who their enemy is. Lines will blur and any place there is a protest or any form of political gathering will be a prime target. This thought doesn't even include the presence of any law enforcement or military.

Law enforcement will be bent over a barrel in the hot zones and Governor's will likely have to activate their state's National Guard. But who of any of those organizations will also be compromised? Martial law is a good possibility in various areas as well. If you think you're little pocket militia is fit to face our fully trained military in combat, you have another thing coming. And remember that our military personnel all took and oath to protect from all threats foreign and domestic.

Any group that presents enough of a military scale threat can be erased with things like jets, tanks and drones. I doubt it will come to that for these groups, but you can be there will be military response. But what is "enough of a military scale threat"? To be honest, I don't know. That just tells me it's a bad gamble.

I think at the end of the day, for any of us, it will be most important to protect our own homes and families. I will share with you some things I'm watching for around me and online. On these, I could be wrong about anyone. I will not engage with any of these people, this is for mental note only. It is not a battle plan for people to go start shooting. So if you take anything I say here as a means to start building targets for your guns, you are part of the problem.

The biggest thing to watch for is any scale of excessive behavior or belief. There are two houses on my block with over abundance of signs and flags. One house has 2 flag and 5 signs while the other recently increased to 7 signs in a tiny front yard. Number two has signs that are inflammatory and a car with about 40 conspiracy bumper stickers all over the back end. One of the residents of house two, recently got a flag he takes to busy streets to wave at passers by.  I will be watching both houses around election time and up to for their reactions. I have overheard conversations from both that are equally inflammatory like "we'll see what happens if they come for my guns". I don't talk to them either. We had a street get together for all neighbors hosted by another neighbor of mine and those two didn't show for the ice cream and root beer floats like the rest.

Anyone who dismisses current losses of life as any form of insignificant for any excuse (IE the people Kyle R. shot, people dead from covid, or people who have died that were part of any social or political party) is someone to keep an eye on under the circumstances. This includes any belief that all of "name that party" should be killed. The more a person says they are ready to kill so and so, the more you should either keep and eye open or keep your distance. 

Now, since the excess of threats are coming from extreme right wing pro white conservative groups, you have to know who is currently endangered. This is two fold. First and foremost, anyone who isn't white is endangered. Second, anyone who is LGBTQ is endangered. This has been proven and prompted public warnings in Portland and surrounding areas. There is no reason to think that won't spread if not already. Proud Boys were filmed ransacking a city part beating gay pride demonstrators or black lives demonstrators with clubs and bats. Some were arrested. I have also seen quite a few posts on the lines of "kill all liberals".  So be sure to keep yourself safe. What can you do?

If you don't want anything to do with any fighting and you want to be safe, there are things you can do. You don't have to be paranoid, but a safety plan is a good idea.

Talk to your family about what you all need to do if fighting erupts on your street. This is especially important for your children. Discuss where they need to go if something dangerous is happening right outside or coming closer. Some ideas would be to go under beds or to a spot in the basement or bathroom. The idea is to get out of potential lines of fire because a bullet can go through at least one wall or window. STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS. The best place for your child is either flat on the floor, or below ground level with as many walls between them and any violence as possible. Call for help via 911. Turn off all interior lights. Adults should also stay low if there is shooting. 

Pay attention to local news alerts and avoid areas that are reported as having dangerous activity. This is especially true if your city has already suffered violence. You may have to go out of your way to safely get your household needs. Without going into high crime areas, know locations that are away from the high traffic danger zones. Be ready to go to those places and only if you are in absolute need. 

Now I'm not telling you not to defend your property, but apply this wisely. Do not go outside your home to brandish a weapon at a crowd of people who are also armed. This is a good way to get shot. Stay inside where you have applicable cover in the case of a firefight (that I would hope no one has to worry about). In reality, neighborhoods that are in the midst of or connected to high traffic city areas where violence breaks out are in the most danger. The further out you are to the edge of your city (as theory goes) the safer your neighborhood should be unless it's a high crime area already. A politician's home may create a target neighborhood as we already know.

Remember, this will not be a large mass organized national civil war like the first one. It will be large clusters of violence by varied groups. If you don't want to be part of that fighting, stay away. If you can't stay away, learn how to protect your home and take precautions.

So now.. what will you do if we have a "civil war"? What do you think it will take to be declared a "civil war"?  Good luck to you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Why I am against politics and will never vote Republican (trigger warning)


I shouldn’t say never because it is narrowly possible that a Republican may come along proving to be a real leader and not just a businessman or politician and someone who actually gives a damn about the people enough to fight for real change in our country. I don’t see it happening in my lifetime but it is what it is. I also say everything here with full knowledge that plenty of you out there won’t care what I think. That’s just fine. Feel free to walk on by, because if you attack me, invariably prove me right. But if you want to know how you lost my vote, I’m going to spell it out here.

I’ve lived through some of what I recognize as Republican cruelty and indifference by growing up in Nebraska, arguably one of the most anal retentive excessive Republican states in the country. Lincoln is my hometown. It’s a college town and also an immigration hub. Being that, it’s a mess of racial intolerance in its base society. If you are colored, gay or just a woman, you get shit on. If you are loaded, you’ll do just fine. If you are white and find a steady job, you’ll be mostly fine. But Lincoln and Nebraska overall don’t forgive you for not being what they prefer. Oh, and if you are mentally ill or disabled, you’re screwed. You’re a pariah.

I suffered some pretty terrible misfortunes in Lincoln and they started from my very childhood. The school system labelled me retarded and I was forced to endure a lengthy hospital stay when I was 13. There was some justice when I returned because the doctor in charge of my care collected all my teachers together and some of the administration and called them the worst excuses for educators he had ever seen. I was found in testing to be advanced, but they allowed such severe bullying over my differences that there was no way in hell I could ever be successful in their shitty school environment. A couple of the teachers changed their ways toward me, but the rest hated me because they got called out. Then we moved to Utah, where it started all over again because not only was I still different, but I wasn’t Mormon. That’s a whole different story. I came to understand that the whole system was run under a very Republican belief system swim or drown.

I don’t know why my life kept bringing me back to hellhole Nebraska, but I finally got a career there. But MS started to mess with me and I was also diagnosed as bipolar/aspergers and that started to mess with that career. I tried to get help but it was decided by a few certain people that I no longer was worthy of that career. Those four people went out of their way to investigate the deepest corners of my past, scrutinize every single solitary action I took to do anything beyond wiping my ass and forced me into a position where my Union rep said I needed to quit because I was dealing with sharks that smelled blood. I tried to get legal recomp against them and even got a “right to sue” letter from the Equal Opportunity Commission that was summarily ignored by a judge and my case was thrown out. Their actions also moved into my public life where I was harassed by police and neighbors. I was diagnosed with loss of identity and psychological break down. It took me years to recover and I became permanently disabled with MS though official diagnosis would come years later. What’s the point of this? There was a time in the middle of it that I was forced to accept welfare and the Republican system enacted a work program that took away all benefits if you didn’t “go to work” where they told you. My wife and I both were forced to work in a warehouse. I worked right next to a 74 year old woman on permanent oxygen. Yeah, they didn’t care what her doctor had to say, she needed to WORK. This program was not only cruel but was found unconstitutional and shut down. Let me point out again, that this program didn’t care what your medical conditions were, you would move heavy boxes of bottled water all day because “work dammit!”. That was a Republican program, and they have always been Republican programs.

I have finally left Nebraska and have family there that I love, but I will never live there again. So I have a whole lifetime of experiences with Republican run ideals that burned my life at every turn. I suffered. But my story doesn’t end there. Now we see another aspect that made me not only anti-Republican ideals, but anti-politics as well. Politics are destroying our country with civil unrest but there are some comparisons that I have noted that further push me away from ever going Republican. Here are some more ways they lost me.

When Michelle Obama was called a man, they lost me. Who stoops to shit like that? You get one guess.

When Michelle Obama was ridiculed for showing her arms, but Melania Trumps nudes were found “tasteful” they lost me.

When they found ways to excuse “grab em by the pussy”, “I’d do my daughter”, and “I walked right through that room of undressed teen girls at that pageant because I can do that”, but now Biden is a creepy old man… they lost me.

When they ridiculed a man for taking a knee in protest but men armed with semi automatic rifles taking over capital buildings was okay, they lost me.

When peaceful protestors were blamed for and condemned for property damage but a 17 year old who crosses state lines, has a weapon illegally due to age, and puts himself in a position to KILL two people is cheered as some kind of folk hero, they lost me.

When the Proud Boys and other far right extremists got cheered for running in the streets beating up black people and gay people with sticks and bats, they lost me.

They also lost me when they ended head start for my son with special needs and when the same school system put him in a corner and left him there for the same needs.

Every time I see someone blaming all Dems or Libs for things I know Republicans are at least doing “too”, they lose me again.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate our entire political system. When I saw Nancy Pelosi tear up a speech behind Trump, I found it childish and stupid. When I heard Biden tell a crowd to “clap you dumb bastards” I shook my head. I know it isn’t just Republicans, but I see the level of hypocrisy and which way it is really going. I see the unprecedented levels of Republican hatred and delight in just being fucking cruel to everyone they can find. I see violence by Republicans cheered while any infraction of  any kind by anyone else is condemned. I see a leader with a cult of followers that I don’t even consider Republican because they are now something far beyond that. I see a leader who is shunned by the rest of the world and who could commit any level of atrocity and be cheered for it by his base.

If you are a Republican reading this and you don’t embrace the ideals or behaviors I am condemning here, you are okay with me. At least you see humans and  humans. If you embrace these ideals in any way, you can fuck right off. I don’t care if you never buy my books or like my artwork or anything else. That is what this situation has pushed me too and I’m not even going into the Pandemic on top of it.

So do you hate me now? Fine.