Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good News for Zakh Price!

Good news has come in regarding the case of young Zakhqurey Price in Fort Smith, Arkansas. On this Monday, the 15th they held a hearing for due process in the matter of complaints about Zakh’s educational rights. In that hearing, the school district elected to settle in favor of Zakh’s needs and will endeavor to make things right for him educationally.

So what could this involve in the services to Zakh? Here are a few ideas:

Redo his IEP: In doing this, accept that he has medical disorders and work to gain an understanding of how those disorders affect Zakh. Consult specialists and see about getting him a one on one aid for in class. An aide can free up the teacher’s hands to handle the rest of class. Naturally this means getting him back into school but what about all the hours he’s already missed?

Compensatory Hours: Not unheard of and could benefit Zakh and tutoring over missed material. This is when extra time is set aside to help a child catch up after being out of school for circumstances like Zakh’s. I certainly hope this has been a consideration. It would help him greatly.

Put in a good word: To help drop the assault charges. I personally would think it makes sense; that once you agree that a child has medical conditions that can cause the outburst, you wind up having to agree that he didn’t have malicious intent for assault. Zakh didn’t mean to hurt anyone and still getting charged would just undo anything set to help him at this point. I would also see this as a kind gesture on the court’s part. Set mandatory therapy if you want to, but lets not lock him up anymore.

In following his IEP, and redoing it I would also stress, let’s not make him a job for police anymore. When it comes to him having a problem, refer to IEP and call family for extra help. I bet that will mean worse meltdowns are avoided in the future.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who put into Zakh’s case either by donation to his legal fees or by joining in on the snail mail protest, or just praying for him. I like to think that all the good will, effort, prayers, and positive energy helped to get this case where it is now. It’s not over yet, and solid commentary is not allowed since all the wash isn’t done, but we should know more soon. Until then, keep standing up for our family and children’s rights. We really are, our children’s own best advocates.