Friday, July 23, 2010

Socially Stumbling

It always feels good to have someone tell me they think I'm doing really well in socializing and talking. It tells me that I'm doing something right. I just wish it "felt" right more often.

I love to talk to people and had a very nice conversation today. We talked about business and schools. It was a nice social chat. I always enjoy those. Then there comes a point when you have to go on your way and sometimes I am so very clumsy at that particular point in the conversation. At least I feel clumsy.

I see in my mind that when you finish a conversation with someone you say "bye" or whatnot and then make your exit. For some reason, I sometimes stammer on this and almost freeze in place. Then I feel awkward but try to just carry on as I was supposed to. At some point I jar myself loose and I'm on my way.

Suffice to say, having autism can make you socially clumsy and there's little you can do but practice, practice, practice. Still this happens to me more than I care for.

In the end of it though, it's more important that I not let it hold me back and keep on going forward. What else can I do right? And I need to show my son, that when you have a "hiccup" in life, you just have to keep on doing what you do. Keep trying.

I haven't written in some time because I've been really busy with other aspects of my writing. Maybe I'll have cool news to share as I try to break into the sci fi/fantasy genre. Till next time!