Monday, October 3, 2016

6 things that are worrying me.

Frankly, the fact that they are all going on right now, should worry you too. Some of these overlap each other and you'll know them when you read them. Even so, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They are beyond my personal concerns as they are set to affect so many people.

1:The War on Police: Never mind the joke that these issues always seem to come down to someone refusing to bake a freaking cake. Why is that anyway? What is it about ordering a cake that people think is the way to protest serving someone they don't like? I realize that all businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea for your public image. No, now it's come to refusing service to police officers in restaurants and other places. Are churches going to refuse to marry cops now too? I mean, come on. Are there bad cops out there? Sure there are. But that doesn't excuse total discrimination on them any more than any other walk of life.  This whole "refuse to serve people" crap is way out of hand. Hope your business never gets robbed and you actually need them for anything. Bet you change your tune when you're hurting. Figures. Still, this worries me. Our police may need more training options (and the weeding out of bad apples), but they are already underpaid and low on morale.

2:Racism/Bigotry: Hand in hand with our police problems is no joking matter. It's way past being a hot button topic. It's an oversensitive hair trigger on a 20 megaton bomb.  And it's way more than just a black and white matter. Our nation's bigotry has bloomed into a noxious cloud that engulfs us from coast to coast. It's so hot and people are so outraged, that even agreeing with some people will still get you shot down by them if your words aren't identical to theirs. Think about that for a second. If you agree with someone about racism (as in you are against it) but you simply use different words, you can still become the target of their wrath. It's more than a little dangerous to say anything about it. Then there's the Muslim issue attached to the refugee issue. People actually want to mark Muslims somehow and basically repeat history just like the Japanese internment camps and black segregation. What is it going to take to get it through people's heads? I fear the riots are only a sign of what is to come. It may start out as something akin to Black Lives Matter (not to point fingers at them), but it's going to spread to far more than that. Look over the year, gays, bathrooms, cop shootings, riots, Muslims, refugees, and I'm just waiting for the next incident. So are you.

3:Send in the Crazy: So, across our country, in several states, people are dressing up as clowns in order to spread hysteria and fear. People have been threatened, kids lured, and authorities alerted. One person has been shot so far. I doubt that will be the end of it. What the hell is going on out there? What kind of new criminal madness is this? As trends go, it's one of the worst I've ever seen. And what made it happen so wide spread? Clowns? Really? There must be a dark web location out there where this new trend of clowning was born. People in multiple states don't just all decide to do the same deranged activity all at the same time for no reason. That alone is reason to take caution and pay attention. This is happening for a reason and we need to find out what that is.

4:The Media: See issues 1 and 2 up there? Guess who isn't helping calm them down any? Yeah. Our media. If there were one thing we were supposed to be able to count on for what we need to know, it would be the media. But that isn't the case anymore and hasn't been for some time. Media embellishment incites riots. Yes, it does. Let's be honest, the media, on a few of this year's shootings, made it look like the persons shot were unarmed and law abiding. While innocent people have been shot (see recent news), those persons were later found to be less than innocent. The reporting that they were innocent caused the rioting to some degree. Even now, there are people who say that ALL of the shooting victims were innocent when that isn't true and the media isn't helping to correct it much at all. For that matter, they only help fuel the fire. And that doesn't include all the secondary and fake media outlets bamboozling everyone across the internet because NO ONE fact checks anything they read anymore.  We need to hold the media every bit as accountable as any cop. Fat chance of that happening and I'll get to why soon.

5:The Election: I've said before how this is the worst election I've ever seen in my life and it still holds true. Gary Johnson's ship is sinking fast and it's leaving us with the horror of our day and age between Hillary and Donald. What's going to happen when either one of these people get elected is hard to say, but I don't think it will be pretty. Considering that we've had political riots as well as racial ones this year, I'm not holding my breath. And all of you should save your breath on telling me who to vote for too. There's another write up on that to come. I will not vote for Trump. Period. That's for another time. Today is the fact that, in either case, I fear there will be violence. Worst ever.

6:American Values: Where are they? All I see out there is a me first attitude coupled with apathy for the fellow man. Everyone is taking the greatest personal offense at everything they simply don't agree with instead of just living life. For example; someone didn't stand up for the anthem. Did your life end that day? Did anyone else's? Did you lose your home over it? Did you starve? Did you lose your job? Stop and think about why anyone is letting that man's personal actions burrow their way so far up their asses. People act like he's the greatest serial killer of our time and all he did was kneel. And that's just one example, so don't jump all over me unless you want to prove me right. And if all this isn't the case, then it's wide eyed gullibility for anything anyone using the word "media" wants to shove down the ol throat hole. Need an example of that? I saw an article circulating (meaning that people are actually sharing it) that claims the State of California has made child prostitution legal. Let me tell you something about that:


Still don't think we have a problem or two? Stop sharing sideline news sources that nothing but click bait. Stop believing everything you read at the drop of a hat just because someone claims to be media. Stop the bigotry. We all deserve to live here. Support each others rights. Stop getting offended at stupid things (remember red coffee cups?). Learn to accept that others don't think just like you do.

Please people, I'm begging you. If we don't fix this, we will regret it and soon.