Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who's in that bathroom? WHO FREAKING CARES?

This whole bathroom rhetoric, like so many things in our nation, is totally out of hand. New waves of hate spreading across social media for the damn dumbest things I've ever seen. All the drama mamas are flipping clear out of their ever loving minds because... wait for it... wait for it...

someone might be in the wrong bathroom.

Aaaaaaaand the world ends.

Now fear of pedophilia in bathrooms is very real, but we are all supposed to know what to do about that by now, aren't we? Do you mean to tell me that you don't check a public bathroom to make sure it's safe for your small child in the first place? Why the hell not?  Why does it take a flimsy law to make you feel like your kids are safe? Did you not realize there's already laws against what you're worried about happening, regardless of the sexuality of the perpetrator? Apparently not.

This whole mess about who uses what toilet to flush their fecal matter is a massive steaming pile of ignorant bullshit. There are people doing far worse things in public restrooms than just "their business". How about the assholes who intentionally clog up all the commodes? How about the fool who did his number two in the urinal or the sink? Why don't we consider the real sickos instead of just someone who happens to be transgender.

Here's a startling thought for you. Most transgender people don't want you to know who they are, especially in a public restroom. The dress the part and keep to themselves. They don't want to be bothered any more than you do. If people would apply just a half ounce of logic to the issue, they would see it's a non issue that's been around for decades.

Now I hear people talking like their going to start checking everyone's junk every time they go into a public restroom. Well then, you come on over and check out my junk and you better have some painkillers on hand because I'm going to bounce your head off the damn wall for invading my space. Then I'll report you to the police as some bathroom creepo trying to get into everyone's pants.

You  know what I do when I go into a public bathroom (and I hate public bathrooms)? It seems to be quite the novelty these days but I actually live dangerously enough to mind my own damn business. It's that simple. You don't mess with me, I don't mess with you. Get done, get out. Simple. Grow up people.