Monday, January 26, 2015

Sensory APP for therapy worth a look

Routine, routine, routine. If anyone is sensitive to routine, it's our autism kids. Not only that, there's a massive amount of sensory built into this. It can make your world chaos in more ways than one.

Recently I was approached through my Galaxy Zento page and told about an app that helps with schedule and sensory routines. I don't have an iphone because I'm archaic, but if you do you should check this out. LINK.

Sensory Processing Therapy is by Sensory Treat Ltd. Not only does the app have suggestions for activities but you can schedule and tailor to your child's specific needs. It boasts over 100 color coded activity illustrations. The activities are designed by occupational therapists (be sure to click on the description on the page for a very comprehensive list of possibilities).

Of course I'm posting some of the screen shots here, but if you scroll sideways on the page where the screen shots are, you will see several more.

I'm amazed at what's possible here and the suggestions for kids activities. Not only can you form a routine that works with your day and your child's needs, but they all have therapeutic value. I'm impressed.

You can put in your child's entire daily routine, enhance it and schedule the simplest of tasks or events. We all know how the littlest things have a mountain of effect on our kids. This is like having an assistant to help guide you while you spend your time redirecting and working with your child. It looks to me like an app that can help regardless of your child's functioning level.

Our kids' success is all about having the proper supports. This may just be one of them. Now it is pretty new so there aren't reviews to show. But I think they have demonstrated the possibilities very well in what you see.

One of my exact purposes in writing this blog is bringing things to my fellow autism parents that may be of help to them. I think this is worth a good look.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The great Muslim debate

Ever present in my Facebook feed, are the commentaries regarding Muslims. Some people say they want to kill every single one of us. Others say that only the extremists want to kill us. I've come to a couple points of logic on the matter.

The thoughts come to me by comparing our own Christian bible with the talking points on the Quran. I'm sure you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones that say to kill all infidels? And it's true, the Quran does say that all "enemies" or non-believers should be killed. Yet, in all fairness, our own bible does much the same thing, having roots in the same area of the world.

Take 2 Kings 2:23 for example where the Prophet Elisha called a curse down on some unruly children causing them to be mauled by bears.

Deuteronomy 25:11 where it explains that any woman who harms a mans family jewels shall have her hand cut off. Show her no mercy. So all you ladies out there who ever kicked a man in the nads, so sorry!

Deuteronomy 23:1 where it explains that any man who has had his nuts crushed or unit removed may never enter Heaven. If you want to really put this in perspective, Google Lorena Bobbitt. Never mind all us poor saps who've ever been racked in life.

But here's the thing (while some of you are fuming at me for supposed mockery), I've never been to a church service where any of these things were taught to me. Have you? I'd say I've been to a fair share of services. Not one, not a single solitary one ever taught me to cut anyone's hand off for messing with my junk. I've been to a variety of churches too!

Yes. Those things are in the Bible. Why? Historical significance. They are not there for us to teach people to do in this day and age. Funny how similar that is to the Quran. So maybe we should stop looking at the book and start looking at the people?

The way I see it now, there are two kinds of Muslim. One kind is chopping off heads and declaring that we all need to die. The other condemns this behavior. Oh wait, I've seen comments where people don't believe that. Let me show you:

Go on, check it out. And there are more gatherings just like it under #notinmyname. It's a vast movement with Muslim citizens in France, Germany, England, and yeah, even the good ol US. For some reason, they don't agree with going around beheading people. Imagine that! 

So no; not all Muslims want us dead. It's time we learned the difference.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sherri Tenpenny stirs media firestorm in Australia

Sherri Tenpenny is understandably frustrated. She's due to visit Australia in February and March with intentions on doing some public speaking on the evils of vaccines. Unfortunately for her, she's having a hard time finding a venue for her little show. The reason for this is substantial public outcry that's making local businesses think twice before accepting Tenpenny's "Get rid of SIDS" production. But, if she's so renowned, why is she having so much trouble?

The first thing she and her "company" did wrong was to mis-represent themselves. "Get rid of SIDS" is nothing but a platform for "Get rid of vaccines". Her opponents in Australia and more than one of the venues she wanted, thought her attempt seemed hoakie and dishonest in its presentation. In my opinion, Dr. Tenpenny knew exactly what the public response would be if she called it what it really was. So she veiled it and tried to pass it off as something else. No one likes underhandedness. That got the fire started.

Now her followers are hopping mad and making things worse for her. They recently compared the opposition to Tenpenny to the terrorists who killed 12 people in France this week. Does that sound like the rationale of people you'd want to let into your country? There is currently a process of decision regarding revoking Tenpenny's visa. Behavior of this kind will likely become a determining factor. Of course, causing civil unrest is a major factor already.

Before that, her followers started calling out "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!" in their demands to let her into Australia. Uh, Australia has no such amendment in their constitution. Besides that, it's their country and they can decide who gets to come in any way they damn well want. Freedom of speech is not a magic weapon that gives you access to any door you want to crash through. This is especially true when it comes to entering someone else's country. Freedom of speech, does not protect you from public backlash of what you represent. Just another area of distasteful behavior on the anti-vax side that is going to affect the decision making process.

The very fact that Tenpenny wants to go there and charge people 200 bucks a head to listen to her flap her lips about getting rid of vaccines in the guise of preventing SIDS has a moral majority of people really pissed off over there. Yes, she charges 200 dollars per person to attend her "seminar". Interestingly enough, that's the cost of a lifetime of vaccines (not including flu). But, as anti-vaxxers often say, it's all about money.

There is one more bit that's just plain sneaky. Word has it that Tenpenny is applying for a vacationing visa when she needs a business visa. If that's true she could face criminal charges in Australia. But I think getting revoked is the more likely response.

So let's add this up. Unprofessional sneakiness + rabid irrational followers+ causing civil unrest before even getting there= NO you can't come into our country. Pretty simple.

Friday, January 2, 2015

10 Reasons to stop being anti-vaccine.

Recently I was shown this brain denting article from Natural News. It's titled Ten reasons why you shouldn't vaccinate your children. Today I'm going to tear this apart and the page right along with it. I'm going to show you why the major companies backing the anti-vaccine movement are less trustworthy than Jack the Ripper. The logic is undeniable and the proof is right on the page itself. The link I posted will open a new window, so feel free to read back and forth for the comparisons. I will post what they said in their headers to make it a bit easier to follow.

Their number 1: Vaccines don't work.

Mine: VACCINES DO WORK! And decades of study and history prove it. Note that they only "evidence" they provide to back their claim is a book published by some "doctor". No peer reviewed studies are posted as evidence. Nothing to show or prove that everyone with vaccines and only people with vaccines ever get sick. Try to think about the logic in that for just a second. But then why are vaccinated people getting these diseases? Well, it's basically like this:

-Those immunizations you got as a child are not guaranteed for the rest of your life. Your immunity will wane with age.

-That's why it's important for each generation to continue getting vaccinated to help prevent the spread of these diseases to people who shouldn't have to get multiple "once in a life time shots". It's not just to protect yourself, but the very young and old and those who cannot have the shots for other reasons. I call it the chain of immunity.

-Thanks to the anti-vaccine movement, the chain has been broken. THAT is why where are outbreaks.

Their number 2: Vaccines have never been proven safe or effective.

Mine: Vaccines have been proven safe in 99,9% of persons immunized.  Here's a LINK for you. It's to the CISA ( the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment) Project. Established in 2001 (14 freaking years ago). Their job is to continuously study the safety of all our vaccines along with 7 individual research laboratories (to prevent any bias). As for the word "effective" up there; it's just a regurgitation of their number 1 because they just want you to believe the lie. But what about vaccine injury? First, be careful when it comes to believing the exaggerated numbers given by the AVM. They want you to believe the worlds ditches are just overflowing with bodies. Not true. You can find out which were found to be vaccine injuries and which weren't through VAERS. As it turns out, true vaccine injury happens in that .01% of people missing from the number above. Sadly, that cannot be prevented and I'll tell you why:

It's basic reality. It is impossible to prevent all possibility of injury in anything. I don't care what you name, there's always a possibility of injury at least at the same as vaccines. Always. You actually have far higher possibility of having a car accident or just tripping and cracking your head open. That doesn't mean that the CDC smugly finds injury acceptable; they are constantly testing for ways to improve. In the mean time, the minute possibility of vaccine injury with an even more minute possibility of actually killing you, is still far better than your chances with the diseases they are preventing.

Their number 3: The first vaccine was a complete failure, which the industry tried to cover up.

Mine: They use outdated information or outright lies.  Please name a process or invention that worked perfectly on the very first try. Go ahead, I'll wait. You have a better chance of finding a unicorn making love to a dragon in your backyard than ever finding that. It's not secret that in the 1600's, 1700's and even some of the 1800's quackery was the way to go in major ways and science hadn't developed perfectly. Nothing does. But, what did our government do when they discovered the toxicity of lead? That's right; everything they could to get it out of paint and off kids toys. Sounds like a government that wants us all dead right? How about the discovery of asbestos related cancers? Banned asbestos. Arsenic in wall papers or household items? Banned arsenic. Yep, our government just wants to control us by culling us out (no they don't). But the AVM wants you to believe this is the truth. They want to you look at the past and accept it as the norm of today. Don't you think that's just a little ridiculous? Does anything work the way it worked back then? Anything? No.

Their number 4: Vaccines are highly profitable for drug companies, which aren't held liable for damages.

Mine: The alternative health industry makes more money than vaccines could ever dream of doing. I actually love it when an AVer tells me this one. My response: "Yeah because no company should ever be paid for their products." Think about it. Funny how the AVer in questions usually shuts up after that or totally changes their approach to something else. But it gets even better. Take a look at this.

That's a screen grab from this very article on Natural News. I want you to look at it closely. Care to guess how many adds for "alternative health" I found down the side of this page? I counted 27 ads. Now, let's make a little comparison. How many doctor visits will your child have to get their childhood immunizations? About 5. We'll even add flu shots for fun, those are once a year.  Alternative health wants you to pay for their products by at least the month. How much are you paying for your health supplements every month? But look! You can get a cooker to make your own colloidal silver for about 500 bucks! You can get it by the bottle for 50 bucks each! Cure cancer at home for 5.15 a day (about 152 bucks a month)! And that's just a few examples on this page alone. So, uh, who's making the money again? It's not vaccines at this rate. 

A lifetime worth of general immunizations (not counting flu shots): Est: $200.

A year of colloidal silver from the website found: $600. (It's estimated so don't get your undies in a bunch).

Their number 5: All vaccines contain deadly chemical additives.

Mine: They want you to believe everyone is dead or dying and only from vaccines. I've said it before and I'll say it again; if vaccines were as deadly as the AVM would like us to believe, there would be no way to hide all the bodies. By their bizarre mathematics (demonstrated in number 4) at least one third of our population should be flat dead right now. But they aren't. And it gets better. They want you to think there are things in vaccines that are either a lie or already to minuscule to do anything to you. And they want to think those things are going to kill you dead. But they won't. Anything that actually is in our vaccines is already in the world around you by leaps and bounds more than a vaccine could ever hit you with. And then there's their argument to this that states:

When injected, items will bypass natural immunity filters and damage the body. This is mostly versus the flu vaccine but it's against all of them. Never mind that there is an inhaled flu vaccine now; but whoever is spouting this at you has no idea how the immune system actually works. It's all quackery to get you to buy your next month of supplements. This idea completely ignores the fact of how many diseases can go through bodily fluid contact, say via an open sore on your arm. And then there's all the diseases people could get from dirty water (but ingesting has natural filters!) like diptheria. Start looking up these diseases and how they actually get into your body and you'll see this is one of the stupidest arguments in the universe.

Their number 6: Unvaccinated children are generally healthier.

Mine: Unvaccinate children who get preventable diseases can be crippled for life or killed. The AVM wants you to believe that chicken pox, diptheria, measles, and other diseases are either nothing to worry about or don't exist. They want you to think the history of children in iron lungs is a fairy tale. Or that kids were never crippled by polio. They want you to think that you can't be choked to death by diptheria or given open bleeding lesions. They spout "go do your research on vaccines" but they don't tell you to go do your research on the diseases they prevent. Could that be because the diseases are actually 10x scarier than they pretend vaccines are? I wonder.

Their number 7: Vaccines cause lifelong incurable diseases in some children.

Mine: Refer to number 6 and 2. See how they repeat themselves in a supposed 10 list when they have nothing else to add? See how they just reword the same thing over and over again? Don't you find that questionable? We've already established the significance of vaccine injury, but they go even further to put autism back on the table. Currently there are 107 studies that have found no link between autism and vaccines. Vaccines do not cause autism. You can find a comprehensive list of all theses studies HERE. As for Guillian Barre, educate yourself on it HERE

Their number 8: Vaccines kill children and adults.

Mine: Refer to 6, 5 and 2: I'm still going just to show you that I only needed to give you 6 reasons not to be anti-vaccine. But they have to scare you and scare you good. The more times they say die in their list, the more they drive that word into your brain. That way you'll buy their supplements to protect you. Have people ever died? Yes, but seriously, that's a .01% of the .01%. You have better chances of winning the lottery and being struck by lightning in the same week. Yes, that's an exaggeration, just like what the AVM uses to make you think you're going to die and that everyone else is already dead. One day, as a fact o life, you will die. You may choke on your ice cream cone for all anyone knows. Yet, the idea is that there are some things you don't have to die from. They're preventable. Think about it.

Their number 9: Vaccine companies can't be sued if your child is harmed by vaccines.

Mine: There is a compensation fund for a reason, refer to 4 and 2.  Thanks to the insane mania that the AVM has become, if the companies didn't have some extra legal protection, the frivolous lawsuits would be at the highest rates in world history. They would cost both family and company billions in legal fees. The compensation fund is there to make sure that families with actual vaccine injury get something without having to go to court for it. Court cases are also known for taking months to years and the time would cost families and company even more. The compensation fund bypasses that too. It's an insurance policy and not a reason to believe that vaccines are wrong. Remember, I showed you above who is really making money off of this.

Their number 10: Natural exposure to the disease is the best vaccine. 

Mine: They want you to play Russian Roulette with diseases. Diseases that can mean time off work for days to weeks. Diseases that can cripple your child, blind them, or even kill them. Yep, I used the "die" method too. The difference is that documented deaths from these diseases outnumber vaccine deaths in the hundreds to one. LINK: There were 32 deaths related to the HPV vaccine from 2006 to 2008. The deaths were reviewed and none of them could be linked to the vaccine. But just to play with that number for a second and consider that millions of people every year contract some form of HPV. HPV can cause cancer of the genitals, anus and throat. Sound fun? Here's a LINK about HPV.

So. I hope you think about it. I hope you learn about the diseases and see just what nasty demons they are. We don't need them roaming free. I know what some of the excuses will be:

"I don't trust the CDC or FDA."

But you trust people that aren't being watched by anyone? Note on your health supplements where it says, "not evaluated by the FDA". You think that vaccine makers are protected from scrutiny? You don't know the half of it. Try to sue if one of their supplements hurts you. Just try. You'll discover that you took them at your own risk and it says so right on the bottle. That means there's NO law to protect you; NO compensation fund, and NO ONE looking over their shoulder. But you'll trust them over your peer reviewed doctors? People who were turned blue by colloidal silver had no legal recourse to sue. So good luck with that.