Friday, October 2, 2009

Fan Fiction Fun

I want to do something away from some of the normal scales of blogs that I have been doing. I want to give you all a little treat and I hope that you will enjoy it. This will likely last right through Christmas and so you can consider it my gift (haha).

I am going to share a fan fiction as I write it. The neat thing about doing fan fiction, is you basically write a story involving a character or group that you are simply a fan of. I do not own the rights or any licensing of any of these characters and this is purely for fun only.

If any of you know your westerns, and this won't be, you know the story of the Magnificent Seven. Seven legendary cowboys brought together to save a small Mexican town from a ruthless western crimelord. The movie brought together an all star cast and was just plain all out fun. This is not a new notion of mixing in stories by any means and in 2003 we saw a movie that took that style for all it was worth, with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Based on the comic series by Alan Moore, it brought together characters of historical literature as action heroes. The movie brought Tom Sawyer, Alan Quartermain, an Invisible man, Mina Harker (vampiress), Captian Nemo, and Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde together to take on the threat of counter agent Dorian Gray working for Professor Moriarty. I have always loved crossover tales of this kind.

So, I am going to do my own fan fiction crossover in similiar stylings but with my own special twists. Four heroes are going to have to work together to save all time as we know it. If you know your literature, you may well know the characters. The heroes will be obvious enough, but will you be able to figure out the villains and the special twist before it's too late?

I certainly hope many of you will follow along and enjoy as I share some of my writing ability and what I think will be a very fun story. Part one of Time Dies is coming soon.

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