Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Who's in that bathroom? WHO FREAKING CARES?

This whole bathroom rhetoric, like so many things in our nation, is totally out of hand. New waves of hate spreading across social media for the damn dumbest things I've ever seen. All the drama mamas are flipping clear out of their ever loving minds because... wait for it... wait for it...

someone might be in the wrong bathroom.

Aaaaaaaand the world ends.

Now fear of pedophilia in bathrooms is very real, but we are all supposed to know what to do about that by now, aren't we? Do you mean to tell me that you don't check a public bathroom to make sure it's safe for your small child in the first place? Why the hell not?  Why does it take a flimsy law to make you feel like your kids are safe? Did you not realize there's already laws against what you're worried about happening, regardless of the sexuality of the perpetrator? Apparently not.

This whole mess about who uses what toilet to flush their fecal matter is a massive steaming pile of ignorant bullshit. There are people doing far worse things in public restrooms than just "their business". How about the assholes who intentionally clog up all the commodes? How about the fool who did his number two in the urinal or the sink? Why don't we consider the real sickos instead of just someone who happens to be transgender.

Here's a startling thought for you. Most transgender people don't want you to know who they are, especially in a public restroom. The dress the part and keep to themselves. They don't want to be bothered any more than you do. If people would apply just a half ounce of logic to the issue, they would see it's a non issue that's been around for decades.

Now I hear people talking like their going to start checking everyone's junk every time they go into a public restroom. Well then, you come on over and check out my junk and you better have some painkillers on hand because I'm going to bounce your head off the damn wall for invading my space. Then I'll report you to the police as some bathroom creepo trying to get into everyone's pants.

You  know what I do when I go into a public bathroom (and I hate public bathrooms)? It seems to be quite the novelty these days but I actually live dangerously enough to mind my own damn business. It's that simple. You don't mess with me, I don't mess with you. Get done, get out. Simple. Grow up people.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hate a politician? Slap a horse!

Just look at that smirk
I hope this woman doesn't have kids. No really.  Meet April Foster, horse slapper extraordinaire. She's living proof that people on both sides of a coin can be just as violent as the other. Not to mention, just as stupid. I'm against Trump just as much as I'm against animal cruelty, so this doesn't sit well with me at all.

So first, let me offer some advice to you protesters out there. If you don't want Trump to win, VOTE AGAINST HIM. Considering half of the lot probably won't vote, their protests don't impress me.

Now, April Foster must be a class act of a human being. I don't know what she thought she was accomplishing by trying to scare a police horse in the middle of her protest (other than reckless endangerment of everyone nearby) but she scored herself some jail time. April goes to court in May. Read that a couple of times, it starts to sound really funny.

April Foster did
Apparently she started out by screaming in the horse's face. When that didn't do the job she open hand slapped the horse. Then she did what most cowards do and ran for it. She actually made it far enough across the crowd that no one could get to her. So they had to settle for one journalist's photo caught of her. Thanks to that, someone turned her in.

What I want to know is just what the horse had to do with her problems in the first place? Did she think the horse was going to vote for Trump? Did she have some bad acid? Did the horse insult her mother? Who knows with a whack job like this woman.

And just look at the smirk on her face in that mugshot. It says: "Other living things don't mean much to me." If only the judge could take that into consideration. She clearly thinks that her antics are amusing.

All I can say is that I'm glad she's not the one running for President!

Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm begging you not to vote for Trump

 I implore you, beg you, to consider what I have to say. If Trump becomes President, our country is screwed in so many ways, it may not come back for several generations. If you can look at what I'm pointing out here and just don't care, then I don't know what to say. But, at this point, know that ANY Republican is better than Trump and I'm not even voting Republican.

First, I want you to know that this information is genuine and you can fact check it for yourself HERE.  That's a link to and you can see ALL the politicians stances on all 24 of the listed issues. I'm going to hit the major highlights of Trumps points.

He wants to defund Planned Parenthood. While I realize that this is a major split issue. Destroying PP will do more harm than good. PP has been a crucial ally in sex education that too many parents refuse to do themselves. That sex education includes an important factor, namely protection from STD's and learning to use contraceptives. And contraceptives are NOT just about avoiding pregnancy. Some women need to them for other additional health problems attached to the reproductive system. Arbitrarily throwing away Planned Parenthood is a bad move and not the answer. But if this isn't enough for you, maybe...

He wants to cut (as in close) the Department of Education and cut funding to education across the country, quote "way down".  I don't care how you try to spin it; you can't make our country "great again" by destroying education programs. Aren't our schools in enough trouble? Aren't they overcrowded enough? I don't know about you, but I don't want my granddaughter to have to struggle through Trump's idea of school. Cutting education is radical, irrational and irresponsible. Currently, the Unites States is 14th in Education and 2nd in Ignorance. With Trump's help, I'm sure we can be the most ignorant country in World History. Doesn't that sound great? Is that what making our country "great again" means to you? It clearly does to him.

He wants to close the Environmental Protection Agency. Well of course he does! He's a corporate businessman. They hate the EPA. Remember the big oil spill in the gulf that's still ruining people's lives? If it weren't for the EPA, there would be no clean up effort. So shutting them down sounds like a good plan right?

He wants to take on China, Mexico and North Korea all at the same time. It's all in the link above. Go look. Basically, he's just going to walk up to these three and tell them how the sun goes down. He'll "force" China to come to terms on job market and trade, "make" Mexico pay for a wall around their border, and "go after" North Korea on their nukes. There's a term for this; WORLD WAR THREE. He's already given the bird to the UN over the refugees he plans to kick out as his first order of business. So here's what will happen. NK will immediately attack SK and blame us for it. We'll be in a trade war with Mexico and China will back them BOTH. I wonder how much THAT will cost? He's already got all three riled up with his insults he hurls at them in every single rally he holds. Half the world is now on edge over Trump and he's not even in full running yet.

Don't believe that? Who else is he fighting with before he even gets to the final race? Well, all Muslims so far. He wants a database on all of them. Wants to kick out ever single illegal immigrant there is. Neither will be cheap and at least one is unconstitutional. He wants to establish illegal torture methods (waterboarding), and you don't see that as a red flag? For the first time in  US history, the very declaration of making someone President of the United States may be a DECLARATION OF WAR. Please ask yourself if that's what you really want. But there's more...

He supports the idea that vaccines cause autism.  For any of you who know me, you know how I feel about this. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. There are now over a hundred studies that show zero correlation between vaccines and autism. Vaccine injury is NOT autism. The anti-vaccine movement has already caused enough damage without the help of a President behind them. Vaccines save lives from preventable potentially crippling and deadly diseases. Please think about it.

It's punchline time. For those of you who use your Bibles to influence your voting decisions, I'd like to give you a reminder. In your Bible you will find mention of one who comes with great promises of plenty, yet yields only war, poverty, and disease. Now reread his own claims and tell me who that sounds like to you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why I won't vote for Trump or Clinton, no matter what.

Even if it means throwing my vote to an independent or (gasp) not voting at all; I will not vote for Trump or Clinton. No way, no how, and I'll tell you why. Some of you will get all bent out of shape and that's on you. I don't care. Vote for who you want to vote for, it's your right to help steer our country to any path of destruction you desire. It's one more thing in my long list of why I hate politics. People becoming a bunch of raving two-year-olds over anyone who doesn't agree with their voting strategy. Well, I won't be hurt if you don't like my vote. If it makes you feel better to insult me over it, again; that's on you. Now I'm going to make a statement that some people might actually be surprised at, but mark it well:

We need to start holding our politicians to a higher standard and soon.

Now let me expand on that with my explanation of why I won't be voting for either of these disastrous people.

Let's start with Trump.

People have given me the following reasons that they want to vote for Trump and think that he'll be our savior. "He's a businessman!" "He's made billions of dollars!" "He knows how to run things!

So basically, you think he's a professional? Not by what I've seen. Let me give you the latest turn of Trump events. The first I've even pointed out before.

- In the New Hampshire Primary Trump won the GOP vote with 32% of the total votes. Sure. He won. But that also means that 68% of Republicans voting didn't want him. I wish people would stop and think about that for just a second or two. Trump sure has.

-Now Trump is throwing a big temper tantrum claiming it's all about "Cruz says mean things about me... WAAAAAA!" and now is threatening to leave the Republican party and go back to being an Independent. You know, maybe if he can't take it he shouldn't dish it? Even so, he's also threatening to sue Cruz which takes the whole issue to a whole new level of ridiculous. It's like no one has ever seen political mudslinging before. Well, apparently Trump thinks it's okay only if he does it. LINK (and there are plenty of them on this same article so have fun fact checking).

-As a third point, and all I'll really need to form the rest of my choice I'm going to quote Trump from one of his rallies regarding the Syrian refugees:  "If I'm elected, you're going back."  Hold on a second. Several countries took in these refugees at direct request of the United Nations and that includes us.

Conclusion: Trump is a great big spoiled brat celebrity, used to having everything HIS way. If he can't have it HIS way, he throws lawsuits around like dollar bills at a strip club and stomps his feet and shakes his fists. And if you're voting for him, you are basically saying that you want a President who sues everyone he doesn't agree with, defies the United Nations and tells our allies to go screw themselves, and insults everyone else to get his way. Yes, if he defies the UN he is telling our allies to screw themselves. If you think he won't apply that same reasoning to every other issue he deals with, you are dreaming. Is that really what we want in the behavior of a PRESIDENT? Do we just not care anymore? Apparently not.

He's a thought: if he's ready to quit his nominating party that fast, how long will he last as President? Think about it.

Now for Clinton.

All I see when I see this woman on the news anywhere is someone so mad for power she's drooling. He whole deal is getting into office by any means necessary. She'll agree with anyone, even if that means changing her stance like a circus contortionist at any given second. All to be the "first woman President". Everyone knows she's been under investigation for billions of missing dollars and evidence that conveniently vanished. You don't have to look far for the ego driven history of Hillary Clinton. This article has a comprehensive list and you can fact check it all you want. There is so much conspiracy and shadow and power madness to Hillary's entire history, that I can't fit it all here. I can't make a bullet point list because of the sheer magnitude of horrible things attached to her. But apparently, again, people are willing to put her in control of our country. How nice.

These are not the qualities of leadership in any way or form. They are qualities of greed. I won't vote for them.

Yes, I will be voting for Bernie Sanders. If I cannot, then I will throw my vote at an independent or I won't vote at all. I can't bring myself to be directly responsible for the damage that either of these people will do to our country. That' doesn't mean I think Sander's is an angel, but compared to either of these two monsters, he comes pretty damn close.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Autism, Life Lessons, and Societal Interpretation

Now there's a heckuva title, right? Well, as it turns out, this lesson just hit home for us. My dear 13 year old son is dealing with a life lesson on being caught stealing (or at least looking like he was stealing).

First let me explain something. My son has two therapists who work with him and other kids at his school. It's very helpful and he is getting more and more independent every month. One of the incentives the kids get for doing well and being respectful is a small piece of candy. Hershey's kisses or other single wrapped items are usually what is given. Please spare me any nastiness over giving food as rewards as it is only one of many incentives and the system has been very successful for him.

Now for what happened:

Over the last week, candy has been disappearing from the reward box it is kept in. On Monday, my son was caught in the room with the box in his hands. He hadn't taken anything yet, but that really doesn't matter in a situation like this. He's not being held accountable for past missing candies because no one saw him take those. But he has lost the ability to gain that incentive for the next two weeks. The primary points he needed to understand were that he was in a room he didn't belong in and had the box in his hands.

His explanation, no surprise, would make a defense attorney blush. My son is mastering semantics when it comes to trying to squeak out of trouble or get out of doing something. So I realized that this was a prime opportunity to teach him about how his actions can be interpreted and how that can shape everything.

It wasn't his "intent" to steal anything. He thought he had earned the rewards and went and got the box down to "wait for" the person he would get the reward from. Never mind that he's not supposed to do that. He's supposed to go to his next class and if there's a reward for him, it will be dealt with. It always is. So I explained it to him like this:

If it looks like you are stealing something, then it will be assumed that you are stealing something.

Intent doesn't matter when it comes to what people see. Especially when you are somewhere you don't belong. But even if you do belong, how the viewing public interprets your actions can make or break your day. How many of our kids have crossed paths with the law merely because no one understood what was happening with their subject behavior? Arguably, the number is pretty high. There are media stories of autistic kids getting handcuffed or tazed because of their reactions or badly interpreted behavior.

I picked up a poker chip from my desk area (no I don't gamble) and showed it to my son.

"Imagine that this is a piece of candy." I said and then I put it in my pocket. "What does it look like I just did, if I do this before going to to the register?"

"Stealing." He didn't miss a beat. He understood right away and I saw the light come on. I explained how that understanding is very much the same as finding him in a room he wasn't supposed to be in, holding the box of candy in his hands.

Now, he doesn't like the consequences and some people may not think they are fair. I say they are much more appealing than learning this lesson with a trip to jail or marks on a permanent record. It's better to learn how the public reacts to various behaviors now than when they are in the middle of a crowd somewhere.

Before I go, I'll leave you with one tool that can help your child understand how important public behavior can be for certain things. That tool is Youtube. I show my son videos, ask him what he thinks of what people are doing, and we discuss it. Don't be afraid to discuss it with your kids. You may save them more than just embarrassment.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Why the Oregon Standoff is Ridiculous

Today's Wildeman rant is brought to you by a militia group in the middle of nowhere, Oregon, USA. This crap has my head spinning. And of course, there's plenty of uneducated BS being thrown around on the issue to make it even worse.

So this family under the name of Bundy have formed a militia and taken over a government building. Specifically, they took over the Malheur National Wildlife refuge headquarters. Thankfully this is a remote building several miles from anywhere. Apparently, these are the sons of Clive Bundy who pulled an armed standoff stunt last year because he didn't want to follow some very basic laws regarding his cattle grazing OFF of his 160 acres of property. Because, you know, 160 acres is just too impoverished and unfair and small.

Last year's armed standoff did not end in Bundy's favor, to quote the legal decision of the courts:

"Bundy is permanently enjoined from trespass. Bundy shall remove livestock within 45 days. The United States is entitled to seize and impound cattle." (As they did to the tune of 300 head)

So, clearly the Bundy family is learning impaired in some way as the sons try daddy's stunt up in Oregon.

How stupid this is proves itself in just a couple of minor points.

1: They claim they intend no violence. Well that's bullshit. I don't care who you are, if you gather up and stage any protest armed to the teeth with guns, guns, and more guns; you are looking for a fight. It's as simple as that. You have the right to gather and protest, but there are rules. You don't do it by waving guns around. But that seems to be the Bundy solution to just about everything, considering Daddy Bundy's long history of violent threats to anything that gets in his way. Per their quote to the media, they only intend violence if the government wants their building back.


The government might actually want the building back? Holy shit! And here I thought their first response would be to donate it to Goodwill!

2: Their reasoning for doing this is an even bigger pile of bull.
-They're being oppressed. Uh, how is that even possible? With a family net worth in the far millions, ownership of hundreds of acres of land and hundreds of heads of cattle, you're oppressed how exactly? Oh, apparently government ownership of land equals oppression now.
-They're doing it for another family that's being terrorized. This one is juicy. Never mind that the Hammond family attorney denies that the Bundys represent them at all. No. The ballsy point here is that the Hammond family apparently likes to light shit on FIRE. I don't know about you, but the freedom to cause fucking forest fires is entirely new to me. Not letting them light uncontrolled fires is now terrorism. Where is this new dictionary I keep hearing about? And since when did fire become an endangered species that should be allowed to go where it damn well pleases?

These are the two main points of their big standoff. Come on, Bundys, admit it; the real reason is "we're a bunch of greedy assholes with guns".

3: Then there's the whole RACE angle. I swear, if I hear one more person say "of course they won't shoot them, they're white", my head is going to implode. Stop it. Just stop. You aren't helping a damn thing. If you really think that white people get off better only because they are white, I have a one word history lesson for you:


And then I have another word for you:


I don't know if you noticed, but when people claiming to be with "Black lives matter" destroyed millions of dollars of property by LIGHTING IT ON FIRE and more, authorities didn't come in with live ammo and kill them all. No. They used rubber bullets and made 80 or more live arrests. The only people who actually caused serious injury were the rioters themselves! As another example, when people claiming to be with BLM blocked off a freeway (creating all sorts of safety hazards) they weren't shot down either. So NO it's not a race issue. Knock it off!

And just like the rioters making BLM look bad, the Bundy's crew is making responsible gun owners look bad. You all know full well that this will be the next banner unfurled for the anti-gun people. It's people like the Bundy's who screw it up for everyone else.

Now, you want to know what's really scary? Just like thousands of people thinking that Donald Trump's racist crap is the answer to America's problems; apparently hundreds of people think it's okay to take up gun waving and property destruction in the same of someone else's problems. Violence by mass measure is becoming an "answer" far too often. People are snapping. If anything is a warning sign, this is it! And it comes down to the haves and have nots. Not black or white or Muslim or anything else. When families can't afford a box of mac and cheese and they still make too much to get food stamp assistance, something is horribly wrong. Blaming those struggling families is even worse. This is why hysteria is gripping the people of our country. This is why crap like this is happening. This is why the common person is so easily roped into doing stupid things like supporting a family of greedy assholes with guns. Mark these words, if something isn't done to make things right, it will only get worse.

Monday, December 28, 2015

FALLOUT 4! My tips.

It's been over a month since Fallout 4 hit the scene and the gaming world went crazy. Heck the porn world went crazy too. They actually LOST record sales because of Fallout 4. Name a game that's pulled that stunt before! Since my dear wife got upgraded our system to Xbox One and got the Fallout 4 package, I've spent some serious time playing this game. I'm almost a level 60 now and I'd like to share some observations. These are tips for those of you coming to the game a bit late. Some of these observations haven't been posted in any other tip pages that I have seen (and I've been looking!).

First of all, the end all be all of Fallout info is the Wiki. It's an undeniable source of information. But now my tips in no particular special order:

SETTLEMENTS: This is the big new thing to Fallout. Building settlements. All the tip pages I've read tell us that you need food, water, and beds for your settlers. That's the bare minimum to keep happiness above 50. You need at least 1 count each of food and water per settler as well as 1 bed per settler. Here's what they don't tell you;

-Don't go build crazy on your settlements unless all your settlers have what they need. That means planning ahead. You should build your settlement for the possibility of no less than 20 settlers. That means 20 beds need to be incorporated into your build one way or another. This is important because there is a cap on how many elements you can build into a settlement before it's "full". If you reach "full" and don't have beds for new settlers, you'll be looking for hacks and tricks to get past the cap. And there are tricks to be sure, but some report they can screw up your game. I've tried one and it did nothing at all. Probably only works for PC. I find, if you plan ahead, you don't need tricks. I've gotten by just building "bunk houses" for my settlers and tossing mattresses on the floor. So long as you cover those basics, you can pretty much build whatever you want. But you will run out of room eventually. Now for more basic tips.

-Try to assign all settlers to something if you can. Busy settlers are happy settlers. Well, usually. It will be challenging to give absolutely everyone a job once you start hitting that 15-20 person bracket, but you really want them all to have something to do. Crops and defense are the easiest assignments, but there's the junk station too that you can assign them. You can also have more than one create supply lines to other settlements. Supply lines are very important as they link food water and building materials from one place to another. Then you can put little shops on your settlement and they can work at those and even earn you some caps.

-Defense! Your defense for any settlement should be a minimum of your total food plus your total water. You'll have to set up a lot of defense on the ground, but try to build defense out of reach if you can. Elevated defenses have better range and are harder for enemies to damage. You really can't have too much defense. I go overboard on purpose and aim for over a hundred no matter where it is (or as close as I can come). Defense is also an integral part of happiness.

-Light things up! Power is also on the happiness checklist you can find in your Pip boy under Data/Workshops. Give them power. Wire things up and put in fancy lights. Would you like to live without electricity? Seems your settlers don't either.

Here is my personal checklist of minimums for building your settlement. OH, and if you you don't have to set up a beacon for any settlement right away... DON'T. Build it first, invite people afterward. You'll thank me.  20 beds, 20 food, 20 water, 20 power (if you have access to water, use water purfiers! they will need power so add to both for your settlement), 80 defense (some of it should be settler assigned but you can cover that anytime), 1 of each workstation (like armor, weapons, chemistry, etc), 1 junk station (larger spaced settlements could have 2 or 3), 4 shops (but the more you can build in toward at least one of each, the merrier), 1 brahmin trough per every 2 brahmin (that aren't supply liners). Make sure you have designated areas for your crops and water (if you don't have access to a major water source).

PERKS: Okay, building your character is as complex as it ever was but there is one area of perks that are absolutely imperative. Scrapping and crafting perks are essential to your survival. So is the aquaboy perk. When building your character stats, make sure you have stat levels needed to get these perks!  Here are my minimum suggestions for theses perks:

-Strength: 4 so you cover blacksmith and armorer perks. You may not care about blacksmith, but armorer is a MUST to get all you can get out of your armor. So at least a Strength of 3 for that. Don't forget that Strength affects your carrying weight too and hording junk has never been more important.

-Perception: 4 to cover your locksmith. Picking locks WILL get you further than hacking.

-Endurance: 5 for Aquaboy. Breathing under water in this world is way too handy. You also don't take rad damage from being in water. There is a LOT of water in this game.

-Charisma: 6 if you care about settlements at all and want to make the most of them. This is for your Local Leader perk. You can't build shops or set up supply lines without it. It's also important for speech checks in missions. If you don't care about those things, you should have at least a 3 for Lone Wanderer to increase your carry weight when alone (even with Dogmeat) by 50 lbs.

-Intelligence: 6 to get the absolute most out of your crafting because of Gun Nut and Science! perks. Science! is a level 6 perk. Your hacking is also covered under this stat and there are places that you will need your hacking at Master (well at least one place that I know of). You also want the Scrapper perk that is a level 5. You could say this area is loaded with important perks.

-Agility: I set mine at 2 and raised it to 3 later on. Agility is full of great "kill em" perks, but you don't need them as much as you do the crafting perks to really get ahead on your character. Here is the really cool thing, even without the bobbleheads, you can put a perk selection into raising any stat you want to build your way up in more perks later in the game. So, it's not like you will miss out on any of these by not getting them right away. At a level 50 I was taking down Deathclaws with handguns before they could reach me. And I haven't raised my Agility for the other killer perks yet.

-Luck: Again, I set this at 2 and raised it to 3 later and now I have the bobblehead. Luck is nice, but not as important this time around as those essential crafting perks.

Now I'd like to point out a couple of tips that will help you in wandering the wastes that I also haven't seen mentioned elsewhere.

HUNTING FOR HEALTH: You know all those packaged foods you can find in the Fallout games? The Dandy boy apples, Instamash, bubblegum, and Cram? Screw em. Don't waste your carry weight on them. They may give you health, but they also give you rads, and rads (especially in early game) suck. Eat what you kill instead. This will start with radroaches, bloat flies, and blood bugs, but you'll find that gathering meat and using the cook station (every time) will not only support your health, but give you some useful boosts. The bigger the monster, the better they are to eat. And one in particular is the Radstag. Eating cooked radstag raises how much weight you can carry just long enough to get you to a place to dump your junk! So if you go over your carry limit by 2 or 3 pounds, munch a Radstag steak! I've done so well with this method, that I've only had to use stimpaks very rarely and in extreme situations. I have built up over 300 stimpaks in my inventory to carry around! I've never had to pay for a stimpak either!

Best early hunting consist of Radstag, Mutant Hounds (Mutant Hound Chops reduce your rads!), and Stingwings.

CYCLE YOUR WEAPONS: You should make sure you have at least one good weapon for each ammunition type that you can pick up. 38 is the most common ammo, but if you do it right, you'll always have just enough to kill your enemies. I carry about 3 weapons (whatever has the highest amounts of ammo at the time) while gathering up ammo I find for my other weapons. By the time my current weapons get low, I can swap them out for my others and be just fine on ammo. And the longer you play the better it gets as you add perks and whatnot.

SCAVENGING: Search everything you kill. Raiders are loaded with stimpaks and radaways along with ammunition and scrappable weapons and armor. Eventually, you may only take the ammo and health goods because you want to use your carrying weight for other goodies. I go through any location and wipe out all resistance before searching for junk. I take all the bad guys' stuff and jump back to home base with it. The I return and go through the place again and again until I've wiped out all the cool goodies I can get. Eventually, it will all respawn and you can go do it again. You'll never truly be without scrappables and junk stuff. You'll even find great hot spots for special parts.

BE A DRUG DEALER: Yeah, really. At chemistry stations you can blend things like Buffout and Jet to make Buffjet and since these are ALL OVER THE FREAKING WASTELAND, you can make decent caps off them if you find yourself wanting to purchase anything from junk dealers. I buy from shops rarely, but when I do, I walk away with what I wanted and all their caps to boot. I don't bother selling weapons. Don't have to.

Now, before I go, I want to share something funny you can do with your settlers. It's not necessary, but it's actually kind of hilarious. Give them weapons and armor. When you do, you can actually EQUIP them, but sometimes they'll do it themselves. I've given a couple of settlers miniguns and watched the fun during raider or gunner attacks. You don't have to give them ammo, that seems to come out by magic. So dress em up and arm them for deathclaws. It's fun.Make them your own personal circus. Why not?

Have fun with these tips and feel free to add your own in comments! Time for me to go play!