Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Plan for Zakh Price

Zakh Price, an eleven year old autistic boy who faces felony charges that couldn’t be more trumped up with an air compressor. As if that weren’t enough for his troubled family to deal with, there’s more. Despite what must be hundreds of emails pleading for sanity in his case, the prosecutor could care less. Despite what must be hundreds of emails and a twitter to at least 80,000 people, just one news agency has yet to step forward. Apparently, the story just isn’t juicy enough for any of them. Yes, I’m being a very harsh critic at this point.

What the agencies then, are failing to grasp, is that Zakh isn’t alone. This is an epidemic in the educational system that’s routinely throwing special needs children out the window, right along with their educational futures. Sure, it’s against the law. Sure, there are federal laws on giving them a proper education. Sure, there’s IDEA and “no child left behind”. None of it matters one iota. Why do I say that? Because all the agencies who are supposed to step up and defend kids like Zakh, are failing. I’ve heard from numerous people that the ACLU and state advocacy centers in several states just aren’t interested. So, instead of getting fair and just representation, families are forced into costs in the thousands to try and fight for their children’s rights. That is WRONG.

So clearly, something bigger needs to be done. Starting with the case of young Zakh Price, I have a huge idea. Let’s look at what hasn’t worked so far:

1: Emails: too easily erased and obviously just not working.

2: Contacting government: No response from them, but then they need to see more don’t they?

3: Media: They want more juice? Let’s give it to them.

I’m calling on all of you, and anyone who can pick up a pencil and a few cheap postcards. This is how to help Zakh Price and light a fuse for legal rights of these kids.

All of you, ALL OF YOU. Go to your local post office and pick up a bundle of cheap prepostage post cards. So easy to do, and cheap! Fill them out. Put an address for one of the people regarding Zakh’s case on each one and write just three words on the other side:
HELP ZAKH PRICE. If you want to jot a couple extra respectable things, go for it. But make sure those three words are unmistakable. Then pass this instruction on to everyone you can. Write a letter too if you feel like it, but make sure those words are still loud and clear.

We don’t want 10 or 20 postcards in those mailboxes, not 50 or 100 either, THOUSANDS. And we don’t want to stop until we get action.

So we can’t gather to make a picket line, then let’s mail one. Here are the addresses and people to write to (remember to be polite, but firm):

Dan Shue Prosecuter, 901 South B street, Fort Smith, AR 72901

Hon Gov Mike Beebe, State Capitol Room 250, Little Rock, AR 72201

Hon Mayor C. Ray Baker Jr., PO Box 1908, Fort Smith, AR 72902

Dr. Benny Gooden (School district supervisor), 3205 Jenny Lind Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72902

Dr. Deanie Mehl (President of the School Board), 3205 Jenny Lind Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72902

Pam Siebenmorgan (Principal of Beard Elementary), 1600 Cavanaugh Rd, Fort Smith, AR 72908

Want to add someone to this list? Feel free, but these are the primary people that need the info. Oh, maybe a few news agencies would like some. Feel free to add them too.

Then do it again. And again.

Come on people, this isn’t just one child we are trying to help here, but all of our special needs kids being arrested and persecuted.

It’s time to get their attention. It’s time to take action. Lets go.

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