Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Autism and medical marijuana?

I've been building up to this one for some time now. I've seen blogs and even a news report on the subject and I've been asked my own opinion on it. It's taken me this long to really look and form this opinion too. And that's just what this is, an opinion. You're welcome to form your own.

First of all I think you should check out this broadcast from ABC news:

And you might want to look at this too:

So, what do you think? I think there should definitely be more research on the subject.

I can understand the argument that people are getting their kids "stoned" but how much does it take to truly have that "stoned" effect? Doesn't the amount they are given have some bearing on this? Note in the second video how he's only giving his son a "pinch" of the stuff. Clearly it's not being "abused" is it?

No, I don't know that I would give my son marijuana with his current condition. But if I was in these parents position? I can't say I wouldn't consider it. My son's meds are working for him, for now.

And what about other severe psychiatric rage inducing conditions? Could small amounts of clinically measured MJ help them? Well, I hope they do the research because they really could be on to something.

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Thewildeman2 said...

I am NOT telling parents to use marijuana on their kids! I agree that there should be definite research and clearly some parents are going to do this. So isn't it best that we get as full an education on the issue as possible? Get knowledge is all I'm really saying. Hostility of the internet is why I didn't approach this subject sooner.