Monday, August 30, 2010

Bullying in the 2010/11 school year

With every new school year it bears notice that bullying must be acted upon and prevented. Kids will tease each other. To a point that is natural, but should not go unchecked in teaching them how to respect each other.

Children who are chronically bullied are at high risk for social and psychological problems. My area in general, has very good anti-bullying programs. Unfortunately, I still read stories and hear from parents around the country and globe, that their area is in need.

You can do something about it. Talk to your school about an anti bullying campaign or activities. Talk to your school PTA because they can be valuable allies in corresponding with school and enacting those activities. Educate on what students can do when they see someone being bullied. Have kids make posters or have an anti-bullying day. If there's a school fair, see about setting up and anti-bully activity booth of some kind.

Kids have to be taught that it's not right to hurt others for entertainment. People's differences should be respected and not pointed out for laughter. So lets look at the new school year with determination. If your child comes to you about being bullied, take it seriously and talk to the school. Get involved to stop bullying.


Carey Robertson said...

I am a social work PhD student. I am working on an anti-bullying intervention for my intervention research class. I came across the great image you have on this page and was wondering if you might give me permission to use it in my treatment manual? Please let me know: Thanks so much!
Best, Carey

David Wilde said...

I found it in a few places floating around the internet. I don't know where it originated.