Monday, October 18, 2010

Dr. Nick Dubin arrested

In recent news I have learned of something that has shocked and dismayed me. I am very disappointed in this news as this is a person who's work I have supported. Dr. Nick Dubin, an advocate in support of learning about autism, who lives with Asperger's Syndrome himself, was arrested. Federal agents stormed his home and seized his computer. In his arrest he reportedly admitted to downloading child pornography for as much as the last two years. He also stated that he knew such downloading was illegal.

I have seen speculation that perhaps he was doing this in study of some form of bullying. Unfortunately, illegal is illegal, no matter your intentions. There are legal task forces assigned to such things and they are the only ones allowed to "download" content and specifically for purpose of catching the criminals who make the sickening stuff. No matter what Dr. Dubin's intention was, he's caught with illegal downloading.

Dr. Dubin has written several books on living with the difficulties of Asperger's syndrome and high functioning autism. He's taken on bullying in at least two books that I know of. He's been a public speaker across the country. I've spoken with him over the internet, though never met him in person. Even so, in seeing all the work he has done, this greatly disappoints me. I await the legal proceedings, but the very idea is just too gut wrenching.

Even so, I want to make a suggestion. I suggest that we try to take something from this that is still good information and that is the work that he has done. Even though, he faces charges for a vile offense, his work on autism, writings and educational material do not change in how correct they are. All of the information he compiled is still correct and good information. It should still be utilized. He has made good suggestions for bullying programs and compiled information on autism that can help you better understand people on the spectrum.

And please, his act is not to be contributed to being autistic. People with autism are not any more guaranteed to be deviant, perverted, or psychotic than anyone else. That is not autism, rather a different illness all it's own. And calling it an illness is not to excuse it. No, Dr. Dubin must face the law just like anyone else.

For those who know me closely, they know that I carry heavy disdain for anything pedophilia related in any way. Disdain? Try blood red hatred, that fits better. So maybe that helps to show just how disappointed I really am in Nick as a person right now. I'm not sure what spurred these choices, but it's really hard from my point of view to excuse them. And, while I wouldn't want to know this for most people; why, Nick? Why did you have to do something like this? Why did this have to be you?


Heather Babes said...

Dave-- you have expressed my sentiments exactly. Downloading this type of media is not excusable. It helps create a market and continues the disgusting abuse of these children. I don't know that Nick can answer this question the satisfaction of either of us or to anyone else. It's disheartening, and it makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

I want to wait for an outcome of a trial but it's being reported he admitted to doing it and knowing it was wrong. I can't think of a reason that could excuse it. But I'm praying there is SOMETHING that could because otherwise... I feel all his work before is down the toilet.

LisaMHale said...

I hope that this arrest and conviction doesn't completely negate his work. I know sometimes it's hard to separate the work from the man; but in this case, I hope we do.

Child pornography is a horrible crime that takes advantage of the most vulnerable of all victims. If he is found guilty he must be punished.

However, the truth of his writing on bullying should not be ignored. Maybe someone else should take his research and use it to create something to help Aspies and the people they love.

Mishi said...

I am very, very angry when I hear about something like this; however, I think you have a very, very mature take on it...
Its a damn shame he didn't get help before he did this...

LaSonya said...

I think this is a very good post. I have the updated criminal report on my site if you'd like to view it. But, Dr. Dubin should definitely be held accountable for his actions. The Asperger's excuse is a poor way of people handling their feelings.

Thewildeman2 said...

I agree with you LaSonya, it can't be allowed as an excuse. Especially in the case of someone with the intelligence of a doctor. He has demonstrated he more than knows the difference between right and wrong. That qualifies him to go to trial. I still almost want to know why he would do this? But there just isn't anything I can think of that would allow it. Even if he says it's for study, there is a right way and wrong way. He could have gotten case studies from police. He doesn't need to see or collect photos. He's intelligent enough not to need them. So what else is there?

OMG-I'mAnAspie said...

I have just recently been diagnosed (as an adult) with Asperger's, which has put a whole new light on my life, and a better understanding as to why I've been so gullible, viewed things so differently my entire life, etc. etc .etc. So been attempting to research online all I can, and found the videos by Dr. Nick Dubin to be more illuminating and better-balanced than other vids I've viewed so far... so have been really looking forward to reading his books on the subject . . . and then I discover the news of his child porn arrest. How completely discouraging. In reading people's posts on his arrest, although upset/outraged, they seem to agree that his work itself has great merit... so even though I've unfortunately lost some respect for the man (trying to withhold judgement until I find out more--not seeing any news of his conviction, plus hearing on my Christian Radio Station that internet porn has become a widespread epidemic for many American men, husbands & fathers, professionals, religious clergy, pastors, etc. -- tho child porn is just a whole different snake for which I've never read an understandable explanation as to WHY -- it just makes no sense at all -- how can anyone be sexually-attracted to a CHILD who is nowhere anywhere near sexual-development??? ) I've read some posts stating that although he was aware of its illegality (duh), his contact with child porn & pornsters was for purposes of research, attempting to establish relationships within that kind of underworld, so they would begin trusting him, open up & become honest with him. I have no idea what his end goals were, however possibly worthy, but he surely paid the price professionally for it. I can't seem to locate any recent news on him -- does that mean he's in jail? Hiding? Or even committed suicide? (What a waste if that were true -- I believe any & all can come to repentance and become a new creation.) Whatever the scenario, I'd still like to read his books, in the hope of better understanding Asperger's. I just hope I'll be able to find them...both his website addresses are no longer in existence.

Alex Holt said...

You know when someone gets a little too cossetted and controlled, whilst at the same time being a social outcast? Perhaps they also got diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome or OCD, or something, to explain why they live with Mum and Dad.
Does it ever cross your mind that maybe, the reason why they don't have a partner is because of the worst possible reason? By that I mean because they are a paedophile.

But even that may not be true. After all, most sexual abuse is committed by family members. A paedophile is more likely to have a wife and kids, or to at least be in close contact with another family member's children, or work at a place that has them, particularly vulnerable children e.g. in care.

This is saddening, although I have had my doubts about just how autistic Nick Dubin is, or what the real reason is for his career choices. He had done very well up to this point, academically, in his professional life, and with his published books. I had no idea he had been arrested in 2010. My parents bought me one of his books since then. It was in that year that I was diagnosed with the same condition.
Makes you wonder about parental motives in general, when you consider narcissistic parenting and the condition of CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).