Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dustin Nunn, autistic comic artist

Today I want to show you someone with a passion in life. His name is Dustin Nunn and he is the artist and writer for a book of comics called Dustin and Darling.

This book of comic stories is no ordinary book. It has a very distinct style and "flavor" that show you need to take time to understand the author and autism.

Dustin and Darling are based on Dustin's real life experiences. He really has a dog named Darling and he even draws in his parents and other experiences. Not to be limited, he also created his own scope of fictional characters. You can check out his work at his page HERE.

While Dustin clearly has a great passion to write comics for the entertainment of others, I can see another purpose in his work; understanding autism. I think his work reflects living with autism in everyday life very well and should be considered as a part of anyone's autism library. His work is unique and comes from an even more unique perspective.

You can find Dustin and Darling on Amazon and I suggest you take a good look. Tell your groups and friends about it. Pick up a copy. The adventures of Dustin and Darling are those we can all relate to.

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