Thursday, October 13, 2011

Proof on the Wildeside, Wildeman's credentials

I've been waiting to write this one until I found on last missing piece of information. It's not that I owe anyone an explanation. It's personally satisfying to be able to show proof. So this has a dual purpose; one is that it's good to look back once in a while and realize you have made accomplishments in life, and two is the satisfaction of proving what I claim. So what was that piece I was trying to find? It's in this link:

Police arrest 19 year old after downtown shooting

Give it a read and you'll find my name down near the end. This was back in 2007 after closing time at the bar I was doing part time at. To quote me in the article I copy paste this:

"Dave Wilde, who was working security at Sur Tango, said he heard someone screaming about a gun around closing time.

He saw the man lying across the street, and “I just ran out there and got to the victim,” applying pressure to the wound until police arrived, he said."

Mind you, the shooter had not been apprehended yet. I was not armed sufficiently to handle a man with a gun, but there was someone bleeding in the street. I did what was best to do. So yeah, that was me. And yes, my over-developed sense of justice may have driven me, my career may have too. That brings me to the next items.

I've had people from an old posting still sending me messages and posting about how that rotten Dave Wilde goes around calling himself a cop. Well, that's obviously not true. I was not a police officer, nor have I ever claimed to be.

This is what I was, an Animal Control Officer with the power to issue court citations. I did not have the power of arrest, however I had a radio and that brought in those people when ever needed. And anything that had an animal involved, our office had to be there. I've been on drug busts, house fires, murder scenes, suicides, arrest warrants (no, I only handled the animals- note above), and anything else an animal was found in. Officers from my division have even been on dangerous standoffs. And no, I didn't carry a firearm. I didn't even have a bulletproof vest until the last couple years of my employment.

And I was published in periodicals for my work, including the newspapers. Enjoy some more photos. For that matter, if you are on my Facebook page, check out my photos under "accomplishments" for more. Of course, the people who thought they had the right to demand this information aren't allowed on my page for being hostile. I know they still follow here however. Oh well.

Then they even said I was lying about being in the military. Hmm. And before anyone says anything, no I'm not worried as much has having a small piece of personal justice. I know I don't owe any of these self important internet bullies anything. But here it is.

Nothing like photos and real news articles to prove the truth. Now I have this to be found whenever someone googles and finds the other trash that some people posted with their false authority. Yeah, it has bugged me over the years and you have to gain a thick skin. I have learned a lot from these experiences that I hope will help me with future plans. I have a lot to be proud of, especially today. I'm proud of a great lady in my life and my great kids. I don't need anyone elses acceptance but theirs. Yes, to be successful as a writer, I need readers acceptance, but that's different. So, since finding that (apparently) the misused information is going to stay on the net and get passed around forever, I decided I would feel better if I had something else just as permanent. So here it is. Let it float the internet forevermore.


Blondiewrites said...

Good job.

Thewildeman2 said...

Thank you, Blondiewrites!

Anonymous said...

Well done. Great job! You have good reasons to be proud! Thank you for your service!

An Aspie Dad.

Thewildeman2 said...

Thank you Aspie Dad. I was honored to do all I could. And there were so many who gave so much more. I live on with their memories to include my Father.