Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My personal view of the word CURE

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to say anything, especially on the internet. I recently got into a discussion that derailed over the use of the word "cure". Here were some of the points of view:

-A couple of people felt that people should stop using the word altogether in light of autism. They find it offensive and compare it to vulgar racial slang.

-There were the viewpoints of how looking for a cure is offensive.

My point of view on this word is this: There is no cure for autism. Because there is no cure for autism I often use paranthesis around the word lik this, "cure". Because there is no cure for autism there is nothing to realistically define the word "cure" as it pertains to autism.

I do not think all people with autism need a cure.

I do think getting personally offended because someone else wants a cure (what ever that may be) is a waste of energy.

My opinion on stopping people from saying cure in regard to autism is that it won't work. It's an unrealistic approach and there are better ways to educate people. It also won't work because, like autism itself, you are crossing a variety of personaly points of view on the word. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my real point of view past the instantaneous offense taken on the other side.

You aren't going to get people to stop saying cure because it doesn't have the same meaning to everyone. It's not being used in the same context by everyone. It's not like racial slurs where the context is clear and obvious. 

Now just about any term can be used in a derogatory manner and I don't like that either. If someone were to use the word cure on me in that manner I wouldn't feel friendly towards them either. I agree that treating people with autism or any other condition in a derogatory manner is wrong.

You see, I prefer to dislike the derogatory behavior more than any word. The behavior is the root of the issue. Truly derogatory or bigoted people can find more words to use.

That brings me to my next point. If you want people to stop being derogatory to you, then you need to show the same courtesy you expect of them. If you are honestly going across the internet page in question with remarks like:

"those brainwashed NTs"
"that pervasive JC stuff" (religious remark)

Well, then you'll only be seen as a hypocrite and you'll get the same respect you give.  And attacking people as a general group (NTs)... how can you do that and then demand they accept you?

When someone attacks you, do you feel like accepting them? Of course not! You want distance from that person and plenty of it.

But, this is a discussion I have had enough of. I refuse to try and be polite and helpful to people who will turn around and go to war with me. I'm not your enemy. I am not pro-cure and I am not anti-cure. I know that there is no cure and fear is our greatest enemy. I know that how you treat someone is how you will be treated in return. Your behavior speaks volumes. The "cure" debate is now on my "banned" list because it's just too volatile and stressful to deal with on either side, and that's a big red flag people should pay attention to.

I end this with a link to my best blog on the "cure" debate I could have ever written and then that is that. LINK


Natalia said...

This is one of the issues I addressed in a post of mine recently. Behavior and respect within the autism community truly need changing. http://speakingonthespectrum.blogspot.com/2012/04/autism-awareness-and-acceptance-bull.html

David Wilde said...

I read it and it is very well said.