Monday, November 16, 2020

Why some people wear their mask in the car

 I recently posted on my facebook page about some painted rock art some cruel ass did that you can see here. I'm not giving that person any credit either but their post had over 2000 likes. That's 2000 people that agree wearing your mask in your car makes you retarded. It's a sad turn that a chunk of our society has taken. These are the same people who have run off to Parler to create an echo chamber so they only hear what they agree with. But for the rest of you who still have any compassion or really want to understand, I'm about to share some reasons we wear our masks in the car. Many of these echo responses to my facebook post. So shoutout to those who shared their reasons. Here is the image I'm talking about.

Calling people retarded for taking any level of precautions when you fucking won't is so classy. In case you hadn't figured, this post is not going to be forgiving of people who follow this lack of logic and level of cruelty. Because if you are mocking people for this, you may as well be mocking the kid in the wheelchair. You suck. So about those reasons you can't fathom (or actually want to know).

1: Less hassle: If I have more than one place to go and I'm trying to move quickly, I will leave the mask on. It's just less hassle and I move quickly and efficiently to get done and get home. But according to this person, efficiency is retarded.

2: Sanitary reasons: As one friend put it to me, she doesn't take her mask off until she gets home and can wash her hands before touching her face. She has medical issues she can't take risks with (like a lot of us) and can't just "stay home durrrrr" because we have to live our lives too and can't count on someone else to do it for us. Safety measures are smart, not retarded. You want to know what's retarded? Playing Russian roulette with a disease that picks its victims with a blindfold and dartboard because we still don't know enough about how it kills some people.

3:  On the job: Some people drive Lyft and Uber and they have to wear a mask as well as have fares wear one. In case you can't comprehend that, it's a matter of having complete strangers in your vehicle with you for any amount of time and well less than six feet away from you in an enclosed space. And for reason number one, they may as well leave it on between fares until they can get somewhere to disinfect the car and themselves. 

But kneejerk motherfuckers who point and laugh don't use enough of their gray matter to figure any of this out without a damn list. You don't know shit about that person or their life to point and laugh or call them retarded. 

These are people who have taken to showing off their shitty side since 2016 and they haven't gotten any nicer since. But I tell you what, I would so much rather know what kind of asshole I'm avoiding than not at this point in time. So go ahead and show off your shit side and think you're really clever for it. You aren't. You are showing a decided lack of empathy and intelligence and you should fix that. 

It distresses me to further say that I have relatives who apparently think this way. How disappointing that is. How disappointing it is that we can't be kind and respect people anymore. 

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