Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't click that!

If the interenet is an ocean, then we are all the fish. Who are the fishermen, the advertisers are. And we need to watch out for them.

Sadly, the internet is a jungle of corruption, scams, and outright lies. You can find anything you want on the internet, but it could cost you more than just a few dollars. I could cost you your identity, your financial future, and even your life. You are bombarded by ads everywhere you go, even where you are reading this. What's worse is that they will prey on your every indulgence and flaw.

Overweight? There are thousands of diets and miracle pills for you on the internet. Too bad not a single one will help you. They'll take your money and send you their product but you won't lose weight. That or you'll kill yourself by taking diet pills and not eating anymore. If they're lying, why are they so successful? Because they know you want it easy. You want to lose weight and not lift a finger to pull it off. So they have your miracle diets, miracle pills, colon cleansers, super nutritions and not a single one approved by the FDA. Not a single one with proven case trials or a track record of any kind. All you see is paid actors spouting about how their life changed. But there is no Easy Street in losing weight. The hard truth is this; quit inhaling food, get off your butt, and exercise somehow every day. Stop giving your money to the internet theives and take your health into your own hands. These are lies, these are scams, don't click on them.

Need money? Get yourself a grant or post links, or better yet go to loan sharks and owe forever. I have taken a good close look at several of these supposed miracle money makers and I find that, once again, there is no easy street. Don't you think it's interesting that the guy who wants to give you his big secret to get millions doesn't have millions himself? Oh he claims he does, but if that's true, it's because of you. Sure, he gets a thousand people to pay him fifty bucks for his "miracle information". He may not be a millionaire, but fifty grand is nothing to sneeze at. And that's just for one round of cheap advertising. And there isn't a goverment stockpile of money laying around in a garage just waiting for you to walk in with a bucket. It's a lie. Stop giving your money to the scam artists and put it to some real work for you somewhere. Like paying your mortgage. Once again the word easy pops out, it's a mythical fairy creature, it doesn't really exist. Don't click on them.

And those are just the two most popular. Hey, whiten your teeth, make spots disappear from your skin, be beautiful and while your at it become a werewolf or Santa Claus.

I've seen dozens of reports online from the authorities with FDA, FBI, BBB, and a bunch more, saying that "if it looks too good to be true, then it is too good to be true". Evidently, from what I have witnessed, this message is not enough. So let's get more blunt on it. See those little ads floating all around the things you are reading? DON'T CLICK ON THEM! And if you do, know this: there is no regulating authority making sure that all these scammers are legitimate. You click at your own risk with no possible recourse to save you. Your money will be gone, and you will have something for your dumpster to show for it.

So, that ad you were just glancing at? That miracle, easy, free for your money, secret? DON'T CLICK THAT!

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