Monday, September 14, 2009

Live in spite of it all

You are losing your home and your job is already gone. You're getting a divorce and all the foundations of security in your life are crumbling. You look at your kids and wonder what you are going to do for them. Uncertainty and chaos are the only things consistent now. So what will you do? Will you put that old Bobbie McFerren cd in the stereo and crank up "Don't worry, be happy"? There are some who may.

Some people rebound okay and start over, some don't. Some people cry out for help that they may or may not receive, and some just bottle it all in and try to tough it out. Both sides of those tactics have their pros and cons and some win, some lose. It's a dastardly world out there right now and no matter who or what we look to it all comes down to this, we must live.

So you hope the President fixes the economy and gets the working world back up and running again. You hope the factory might open its doors back up so everyone can go back to work. But then something else happens and the politicians don't deliver quite they way they said they would. Now what? Live in spite of them. You don't have to forgive them or even put up with them, just live on. Live in spite of what was taken from you. Live in spite of the failures of your government, what ever they may be.

Live in spite of losing your job, your spouse, or your house and car. That's not to belittle what you've been through, I've been there too. I'm just saying you still have to live. If not, all the thumps and lumps you've taken have won. So live, live in spite of it all. That's what we have to do. Stop letting your money troubles put holes in your heart. It's no where near what it used to be worth and they can only take so much away from you. You can find a better way, but no matter what you do, you must live.

What I'm talking about is an attitude that we all just need to develope. We're doing the best we can and we're taking care of our kids and families. Maybe we can't do it the way we wanted to now, but we can still live our lives. We can use this to teach our children and give them the backbone to live as well.

You see, I've decided that I no longer care about the politicians. My creditors, oh I'll pay them, but they can get in line while I fix life and take things one at a time. Yep, stuff em all, I'm going to fix my own life. No matter what they do, no matter where anyone goes, I can only go forward and so can you. Go forward, live in spite of them.

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Tiffany Walensky said...

Kudos for staying strong. You are an inspiration.