Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Driven

I feel I must explain myself. In some of my blogs I have been very harsh in my opinion and reports. I’ve been harsh on some professional places. Our police dispatch for example, yes I’ve been very harsh on them. But why? Am I just angry because things didn’t go my way? The answer is a devoted NO. The truth is that I am driven when it comes to matters of public safety, public awareness that contributes to safety and more. It’s a drive to me and I’ll tell you why.

First, what is a drive? What do I mean by using this word? A drive is an internal force that compels you to do something or act in a certain way. Our basic drives include eating, sleeping, and procreation (making babies). Our drives are triggered in various ways. When you are hungry, you are compelled to eat, for example. If you didn’t you would face consequences of getting sick or starving.

Personal preservation are not the only drives we can have. Some drives can hurt us, like the drive from an addiction. Some drives take more control of us like that of obsessive compulsive disorders (and other disorders).

Next I’m going to bring my autism into this. Autistics, especially in the high functioning zones, are often known for having special talents or interests that they have difficulty breaking away from. Dr. Hans Asperger coined the identification of Asperger’s children as being “little professors” (you can check that out by looking up Dr. Hans Asperger in Wikipedia). For what ever each child’s special interest became, they could be highly versed to the point of extreme trivia on the subject. They would also have difficulty, due to obsession to that interest, in talking to you about anything else. This can be overcome with practice and support, but I think you can see how this can be a drive.

Now, I have more than one special interest, but my greatest interest has always been in safety, security and protection fields. As a matter of fact, my past work history boasts over 19 years of experience. As one our Sheboygan officers said to me, “old habits die hard”. Well, mine certainly aren’t dead yet and I don’t think they ever will be. My field experience has been diverse. I’ve been everything from security guard to body guard, from soldier to duly authorized ticket wielding officer. For that matter, my military experience was serving with a military police company and doing some MP duties even though I was not an MP. That’s the Army for you.
So, I have a very strong drive from my interest and experience and when it gets triggered I am compelled to take action. Of late, that action has been in my blogs, but I have taken more immediate action before. I do not feel that my decision to act is one I make lightly because of how strongly I believe in my convictions. They are that driven.

So, that is just a small explanation of my drives and example of how such drives can work. I hope you have found it informative.

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