Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just get over it

Our soldiers are coming home with stress disorders, psychological and physical injuries. I’ve seen them speak out to try and educate our general public, who should listen. They should listen because it’s their freedom those soldiers stand for. The general public says:

“Just get over it. Stop your whining.”

Numbers of child and spouse abuse are climbing in the news. They say that it’s because of the stress from a down economy and extremely stressful living that goes with our current times. Organizations and people who have suffered this abuse try to educate the general public, because you could be next. The general public says:

“Just get over it. Stop your whining.”

Crime has been on the rise which means that victims of crime have been too. Women who get raped sometimes have support groups to go to, but most suffer in silence. The general public’s attitude remains the same when it comes to education on this too. They could be supportive and caring, but instead:

“Just get over it. Stop your whining.”

Disabilities are on the rise as well. In particularly (you know what I’m going to say) autism. Now at 1 in every 110 instead of 150. Our coalitions, organizations, and advocates try to educate the cold general public. A public that believes our autistic kids to be just ‘brats’ or autistic adults to be just ‘psycho’. It’s important to eliminate that belief because it hurts innocent people when they are wrongly judged, no matter what walk of life they are in. What do we get told when we stand up for our ideals? You guessed it,

“Just get over it. Stop your whining.”

NO. You stop! Stop black marking soldiers, victims of abuse and crimes and the disabled. Stop being racist. Stop discriminating against religions. Stop labeling people as something bad or evil just because you don’t know the first thing of what they have to live with. Stop expecting everyone else to be just like you. You can’t stand us speaking out? You get over it and stop your whining.

Understanding and acceptance are not too much to ask.


Mamma Rhea said...

This was wonderful. So very very true, as well. I do not know how many times I have heard my son called a brat or a monster, when all he really needed, was a hug. I am so sick of those who turn their backs to the REAL needs of our society, instead of helping and learning. It is like a real education, is too much for them to handle, so they go back to their safe little corner, and plug their ears.
Well guess what, WE ARE SILENT NO MORE!!! I am a child of Asperger/Autism, as is my son. My Husband is too. In fact, our whole family, on smaller levels, are no different from our son, and we see this, deal with this, and defend this every day. I would never have truly known the scope if it were not for David, and I would not have had the strength I do, if it were not for his bravery.

NORMAL PEOPLE, as they like to label themselves, will be led by a Nation of Autistics, and that scares them, as the numbers climb. Autistics are smarter than the NORMAL PEOPLE, we are more creative, and we are more loving, because we know the pain of rejection.

Belinda the Nobody said...


I hate that whole "Just get over it. Stop your whining." line of thinking.