Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The risk of exposing frauds online

There is a certain inherent risk to exposing frauds on the internet. They really can be dangerous people. They are often not above cyber-bullying, smearing, or even threats of violence. The very worst ones will cover lies up with more lies and probably can’t stop themselves. What I am going to show you today is just how low these people will go when they get exposed.

I recently wrote about Michael Robinson who claims to be an advocate, but wants your money. He has one partner facing prison for 20,000 dollars in fraud (and possibly more as I was recently shown) and he himself has been caught in quite a pack of lies. He claims to work for the Department of Defense, to be a DC Lobbyist, and even a racecar driver in NASCAR. When asked for proof of his credentials, he refused and sidestepped. Then he had a website made to smear a journalist from Examiner.com (recently taken down, and not by him). Last night, he set his sites on me.

I was corresponding with a woman named Regina whom I thought to be one of his victims. She’s been touting his banner for some time and declaring him to be the best thing since sliced bread. We recently found comments, dated in 2005 by Michael that show his true colors fairly well. The screen shot I took showed him using demeaning and vulgar language (I would rather not put that here, but if I have to, I will) and even threatening to break someones “C spine” if they contact him. Clearly not behavior of an advocate by any means. Regina called that fake, but she obviously brought the discovery to Michael’s attention.

So, last night, Michael went to his myspace page and altered it in an attempt to make it look like I’m some kind of a hacker. Take a look at this screen shot:

And this one:

There are some glaring error issues here. First of all, if you want it to seem like I’m hacking your page and admitting it, don’t misspell my name. My last name is not Wildman, it’s Wilde.

Second, no one does something like that and insults themselves over and over again. They insult their target. This proves that you altered your own page as an attempt to slight me. Why would I hack some guys page to call myself a fat slob, flat faced or anything else? That’s pretty stupid, Mike. Heck, I don’t even know how to hack a page from a notebook, never mind a website.

Also, remember that little issue about Mike’s typing that we discovered? Take a good close look. He does it more than once, leaving a space or even two before every question or exclamation mark.

So, no, I didn’t do anything to Mike’s stupid Myspace page. As it is, according to the time stamp, printed right on his page that says how many hours ago he was there, it would have been around 11pm my time. I have early mornings with a child of my own and was getting what proper sleep I could, thank you very much.

Add that to the lies he’s already been caught in and you have to wonder how much you can believe him. He also isn’t helping his own image by any means.

Seriously though, I have absolutely nothing to fear from this man. This is a feeble attempt at best and laughable at most. It’s been turned over to the authorities and the website administration for further investigation. The pen is mightier than the sword, especially when it writes the truth. Please take this into consideration when approached by anyone who says they are a “lay advocate” and can help you in any form of legal proceedings. Check out credentials and guard your checkbook.


Heather Babes said...

Beautifully done. :)

Thewildeman2 said...

Thank you :)

Rhea said...

Way to go, Dave. There are too many parents who are easily swindled by men like him because they are so in need of help. The fact that you and Heather are hell bent on telling truths instead of lies, is what makes it easier for those of us with Autistic Children, to find the right sort of help.
This man is a farce. He needs to just quit his lies. Thank you, for looking out for us!!!