Monday, November 8, 2010

Falling back and internal clocks

Here's a funny for you; daylight savings and a supposed extra hour of sleep. Yeah right. My son's internal clock is set for almost no later than 7 am. He doesn't like being woke up before that, though it's necessary for school days. Weekends? 7 am. Do you know what that meant for this weekend with the falling back of an hour? That's right, 6 am.

As far as his very sensitive internal clock was, it was 7 am and time to get up. This is not such an uncommon phenomenon and not exclusive to autism. Still, you have to try and see the humor in the situation, while you'd much rather get that extra hour to sleep in. The idea of getting up at 6 am on a weekend, when you don't have to, is never a pleasant one. If you're a naturally early riser, more power to you, but I'm not (ha ha).

So when Mr. Bouncy came bounding in and I looked at my cell phone, I groaned. I couldn't believe he was up at six and I had completely forgotten about the time of year. It wasn't until I went out and saw my kitchen wall clock and looked at the calendar that I realized what happened. Then all I could do was shake my head and chuckle. I could try and tell him it was too early to get up, but no dice there. When he's up and ready to go, he's up and ready to go. For that matter, he has more energy than anyone in the building when he's awake and has trouble controlling it.

So, that's that, we're up and there's nothing to do about it but get the day going. How did your weekend go? Did you get an extra hour?


Laura said...

Hahaha! Something similar happens to me, except my internal clock seems to adjust for DST somehow, but weekend or no weekend, once I'm on a sleep schedule, forget it! I can adjust, but it takes weeks and makes me a somewhat unpleasant person to be around :D

I've been thoroughly enjoying your posts since I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago. I'm a 35 yr old self-discovered Aspie and have just recently been really seeking more and more information on my condition other than just the base facts. Your blog has given me tremendous insight and for that I thank you SO much!

David Wilde said...

Hi Laura. I'm very glad to be of help anywhere that I can. I'm open to questions too. Stop in anytime. I know from experience what relearning yourself is like.