Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Radio Therapy Online

Today, if you haven't seen it on my facebook page already, I want to introduce you to Radio Therapy Online. You can check out their website HERE.

Quote from their site: Radio Therapy Online's mission is to present fun, interactive, positive podcasts in a humorous way; to provide "therapy" for broadcasters and listeners; to spread the passion for life. The hosts are Todd Michaels and Lisa K.

It's true, they do exactly that and I want to suggest that you listen in and check them out. Along with in depth interviews of interesting and influential people, they touch base on all manner of helpful topics for life in general. Food, organization, holiday issues, health issues, and even a touch of politics (without the hate) are things you will hear about on the podcast.

The atmosphere is light and uplifting and the hosts have a definite chemistry that carries the show forward. You never know what they are going to toss at each other next in good fun. They've even started doing a youtube bit called the Radio Therapy Insider.

Yes, I've been on the show myself, some time ago. Still, I listen to the show and find it be a positive and refreshing change from the standard and often negative media that's out there today. So I do hope that you will listen in and give it a try.

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