Monday, February 7, 2011

Autism spotlight: A list of Autism information

I was recently contacted about a list of fifty sites for autism teachers (and families) to learn more about autism. I posted a link on my Facebook page, but if you haven't added me there, then you can find the information at the link below:

Doctoral Degrees: 50 Great Blogs for Autism Teachers

This is an in depth list of autism material. There are plenty of names you may recognize, like Autism Speaks and some that you may not (and that's any guess depending on what you personally will recognize).

In any case I strongly suggest perusing this list for information. I will say, if you are new to autism, 50 blogs in your lap might seem a bit overwhelming. Just take your time and start with general information first. The best places for this can be found in this list but I will just say Autism Society and Autism Speaks for some starting points.

If anything, this only goes to show that you are not alone and there is plenty of information out there with people willing to help you.

Photo credit to same site.

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