Monday, February 14, 2011

Speech Therapy

It's not uncommon to hear that persons diagnosed with autism are directed to try speech therapy. This is because, even with high functioning and verbal autistics, there can be marked difficulty in proper use of words. That includes, what to say, when it's best to to say it and who you should say it to.

Ability to use words and communicate our wants or needs with others is one of the many areas that we have found trouble in. Click HERE for an article at

Here is an excerpt from that explaining what types of communication are considered and worked with:

* Non-verbal communication. This may include teaching gestural communication, or training with PECS (picture exchange cards), electronic talking devices, and other non-verbal communication tools.
* Speech pragmatics. It's all well and good to know how to say "good morning." But it's just as important to know when, how and to whom you should say it.
* Conversation skills. Knowing how to make statements is not the same thing as carrying on conversations. Speech therapists may work on back-and-forth exchange, sometimes known as "joint attention."
* Concept skills. A person's ability to state abstract concepts doesn't always reflect their ability to understand them. Autistic people often have a tough time with ideas like "few," "justice," and "liberty." Speech therapists may work on building concept skills.

For more information on speech therapy and pathology try this link HERE.

This is the OEDb (Online Education Database) and I was contacted with info on the link recently. What you see at the link is a list of blogs with information on speech therapy. I hope you find them helpful

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