Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July 2011

Our new home area already had its annual fireworks display and it was fun to go and see. We sat on top of a levee with hundreds of other people and the toughest part was waiting for things to get started.

My son doesn't like to wait for long and the first thing he wanted to do was run around with other kids. Unfortunately, being on top of the steep levee made that something we didn't want to let him run off on. We also didn't want him running off into a crowd of strangers. A boy did come over and talk to him, as well as donate a hamburger wrapper to us (gee thanks!).

We had two nephews with us too. Before the fireworks got started we had a bat show. I think I counted three different kinds of bats swooping for insects over our heads.

The Fourth, with all it's explosions and bright strobing lights, can be daunting for our kids on the spectrum. There are many who cannot tolerate the fireworks festivities. There are also those who would endanger themselves by getting too close, enthralled by the experience. My son enjoys fireworks from a distance and has his limits. He doesn't like the really loud ones and holds his hands over his ears.

I'm just glad he doesn't want to run away outright. There are things that have made him do that. Then I had to actually catch him. My presence or voice were not enough to calm him. Like the first time he looked up from the base of a ferris wheel.

Well, I hope all your festivities are safe and you have a good back up plan for sensory overloads for your kids. Have a great holiday.

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