Monday, July 25, 2011

Autism: Suggested reading

I recently picked up my first copy of The Autism File magazine. What I found in its pages were reader friendly and informative articles. These articles come at nearly all fronts of what you want to know about autism. In the edition I picked up were articles about summer activities, picky eaters, recipes, breakthroughs on interventions and quite a bit more. A favorite of mine for this issue was the article on being prepared for bullying. Since a new school year is up and coming, it's an important issue. The article I picked up is the Summer Issue number 40. I strongly suggest you pick it up and subscribe to this magazine. It's amazing.

The magazine also has some suggested reading in it and I will be checking this book out soon myself. It's called, 1001 Great ideas for Teaching and Raising children with autism or aspergers. That just sounds like a great book right off the top.

Another one suggested in the magazine that looks good is called, 60 Social situations and discussion starters. It's a book for teens on the spectrum to help in learning about freindships, feelings, conflicts, and general aspects of relationships. I think I will be checking that one out too, even though my son is only 9 right now. Hey, time flies right?

I have to suggest Understanding Autism for Dummies again. If you haven't checked out this book, do it soon. It's an excellent resource for Asperger's from diagnosis to helping learn relationships. It has great suggestions for how to handly various situation in public and as your child grows. It even has suggestions for moving into adulthood.

I think it's important to have a good set of home resources for autism. Yes, the internet has lots of info, but it's nice to be able to pick up a book and flip open the pages to the info you need.

You can google research autism literature by typing in autism book or aspergers respectively. Amazon has about every book you could hope for and you might get it for less. There's noting wrong with a used book unless it was hopelessly abused (then it shouldn't have been sold in the first place).

With E-books on the rise, you should also check out sources for those. I've been told you can get just about any book for your Nook or E reader out there. If you get E-books already, check your source for autism info.

Do you have a book or magazine for suggested reading? Post it in the comments so everyone can check it out!

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