Thursday, May 9, 2013

Persevering with Disabilities Spotlight: Donna Bell

Living past disabilities takes guts. Today I am going to tell you about someone who must be some kind of commando on that point. Her name is Donna Bell of Louisiana. 

When Donna was 19 she was in a terrible car accident that sentenced her to life in a wheelchair without use of her arms or legs. She has no movement from the shoulders down. I'm sure there was a gut-tearing transitional period for her, but she's become something far more amazing. Look at this:

I love Groo the Wanderer and she did this picture with her mouth. That's right, her mouth. Now, I tried this. I put a pen in my teeth and tried to write my name. I won't even post the result. It was less than chicken scratch. Learning to do this is not easy by any frame of the imagination. I would have an easier time becoming left handed. And yes, I'm an artist. But you know what? She doesn't stop at drawing:

Yeah, crochet. She crochets with her teeth. I showed this to my wife who does crochet and she couldn't fathom it. But there it is and she's been recognized and seen in action by her town's media. Over the years, she's developed into an artistic dynamo and she's right here in Louisiana.

Okay, all that being said, it's time for the turn off section. This is the section where I tell you what's up and you say "oh not again" and walk away. But I challenge you  not to do that. These times of ours call for humanitarian efforts and the deserving should get the assistance. Some people just deserve to be rewarded in life. Yes there is a fundraiser. It's to get this awesome woman a wheelchair accessible van.

Still here? Good! I commend you. I know there are fundraisers a billion out there and we seen ten of them every day. Much as we would like to, we just can't help them all. That being said, I ask you to consider this being one of those times you pitch a five spot into the bucket to help someone deserving. Someone who's been a hero for themselves at the very least. She's never had a powered wheelchair even and look at all she's done. She deserves it people. Now, in order to put a face to the name and see the details, I have to give you a link to my friend Rodney Pike's page. He has even more details, more art and believe me; it's amazing.

And if you can do nothing else... SHARE THAT BLOG. Not this one, the one in the link! Come on folks, show some compassion for a fellow artist and someone who's not just crying and whining in life. She's a trooper and she deserves this! My man, Rodney can give you any other information you need.

Thank you for your consideration!


rwpike said...

Bravo my friend. Thanks so much for your compassion and interest!!

David Wilde said...

You bet. Glad to help out in any way I can. Sorry about the settings. I've had to moderate comments because of unruly past visitors.