Thursday, May 23, 2013

You will always be criticized

In an effort to make a positive from a negative; lemonade from lemons, I write this. Recently I posted this message for my Galaxy Zento page of heroes that I write about and draw.

With your help and sharing, my project to inspire others with my Galaxy Zento project has been growing, slowly, but growing. I know it can grow more. The simple truth is, the more people who click like on Galaxy Zento, the more people it will reach. The more who share it with its message the more likely that will happen. I have a modest goal that I would like to reach by the end of next month. I would like the page to reach 1000 "likes". Can you help? Do you know anyone who loves original content, characters, and stories? How about practicing artists? Anyone who just wants to practice their art skills and get posted as a guest artist? As I'm preparing to post GZ Legends 50 (a milestone post!) I want to spread the word. I want people to know that you can still do what you love, or find something to love doing even with disabilities. You can still grow as a person. You can still inspire others. I will always support autism education and projects that help people grow as human beings. You can help me make this grow. What do you say folks? Its not enough that I share to you, when you share it reaches your people. So, give it a twitter and give it a share. Let others know that a guy with multiple conditions is striving to inspire. This week, I go to see my second oldest daughter graduate. So there will be some delays on other postings. A great time for your help. Love you all! Be blessed and inspired.

I also posted this:

So I posted a very special message on my wall. You know, growing up with Asperger's or any similar condition is not easy. I grew up with no support system because no one knew what was up with me. They didn't know what was "wrong" with me. Now that I grew up through that, I want to use any success I have to inspire others (especially my son as most you know, has Asperger's/autism). I want to give back for every step forward I make. So I hope you'll visit my page and check out what I'm doing. My goal is to get my project page Galaxy Zento and its heroes up to 1000 likes in the next month. You can have a livable life. You can do great things. It will get better. Let the inspiration carry on.

On the same day that I posted that second message I was accused of doing what I do, solely for personal gain. 

On that I will say that if personal gain was all I wanted, you wouldn't be able to go to the Galaxy Zento blogspot and read my stories for free (now up to part 49 of an ongoing story). I wouldn't bother scheduling to talk to college classes about what it's like to grow up with or have autism. I wouldn't bother. I wouldn't make videos, I wouldn't do anything but say "buy my book". That would be it and that would be all. No, I want all my success to do something more. Those who don't believe me will just have to wait and see. 

As you go forward in life, this is something you will have to remember to. Your best efforts, best intentions, and anything else you do will always be misunderstood or criticized by someone. Still, you must never give up. You must go on in spite of these people. Shut them out. One of these people will never have to be bothered by my posts again, because I blocked them. You don't have to block people, unless they are harassing you. But, you don't let them steer your life and ambitions. Don't let them mess with your goals because they don't understand you.

Look to history and see how many famous innovators ignored the criticisms and achieved great things for the world around them. 

Martin Luther King Jr. was told he couldn't do it.
Ghandi was told he couldn't do it.
Even Mother Theresa was told she couldn't do it. (Yes I know I'm not any of these people)

What do they have in common? None of them listened to the naysayers. Don't you listen to them either.

So what if my way involves selling some low cost books? Doesn't everyone have to do something in this world? Would I set a better example from my couch? 

I have yet to complain about my book sales, and I won't. The book is there and I would be stupid not to advertise it. I would be stupid not to try and take myself further in life. What kind of example would I set for my message if I did nothing? Writing a book was a great accomplishment for me and I refuse to let anyone come throw a big soggy blanket on it because I want to inspire others with my work. 

Also, I  never claimed to be some non-profit benefactor in this. I did say that I want to give back and that will continue to be my plan ever forward. As I said, those who don't believe me will just have to wait and see. They don't know me and their assumptions cast a shadow on them more than me.  That is how you must move forward too. 

So, want to write a book? Do it!
Want to ride a bike? Do it!
Want to take up golf? Do it!
Want to paint pictures? Do it!
Want to make videos about taking sledgehammers to wrecked cars? Well, yeah, do it!

And, if you do get paid for it, what would be wrong with that? I would call you lucky! Then, show others your success, especially if you have a disability! Let your accomplishment inspire others to live too! That's my goal!

Now.... what are you going to do?

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