Saturday, October 25, 2014

Anti-Vaxxers may be hypocrites if...


My bent sense of humor can’t help itself. This nice big jab at the anti-vaccine movement has been on my mind and it needs to meet paper and pen. Well, internet publishing anyway. But, like any form of zealotry, hard core anti-vaxxers who say “never inject” are a bunch of hypocrites. They say not to give your child “poisons” like they have the slightest clue. Here’s my list on the subject, because IF you are one of those anti-vaxxers who wants all vaccines to disappear (because measles is more fun) and you do any of the following, you’re a damned hypocrite.

Dine at any restaurant: I don’t care if it’s fast food or high class. If you’re so worried about poisons getting into your system and you eat food from animals who have had vaccines (and you have no idea so don’t even try) then you are a hypocrite. Yet, we’ve been eating this crap for generations and we are still here. Funny how that works out. Speaking of eating, the next one ties nicely into this one!

Consume ANY form of packaged food: From your sugars and spices clear down to a fucking candy bar. Mmmm, what a yummy Snickers you’re enjoying there….. guess who made the preservatives in it. Go on, guess. There are preservatives in every bottled or packaged form of food on your grocery store shelves.. ALL OF THEM and unless you pay out the nose for super short lived organics that may be lying to you for a dollar, the preservatives were all made by our government with the help of what you call BIG PHARMA. Eat, drink, and enjoy because you’re a hypocrite. And yes, this includes the foods at your favorite restaurant.

If you go to the dentist: Oh noes, it’s BIG PHARMA again. But you don’t need Novocain or laughing gas do you? Nah, you’re rough and tough. Have fun with that root canal.

If you brush your teeth with anything but water: Go ahead, tell me you use baking soda. Baking soda is packaged in a damn factory the same as every fucking thing else. Be sure to look up what factory it’s packaged in so you can see what other products are packaged in the same place. Enjoy your new nightmares of BIG PHARMA. Toothpaste and mouthwash contain fluoride and that’s in so many places you’ll just shit yourself to know.

If you use deodorant: Go grab your speedstick or whatever the hell you use and look at the back of it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now READ IT. See where it says DRUG FACTS right at the top of the label. Huh. Why would it say that? BECAUSE IT’S A DAMN PHARMACUETICAL, DUMBASS. And every portion of what you are shoving into the pores of your skin is poisonous. Go ahead, look up the ingredients yourself. The same goes for things like soap and shampoo. And you’re worried about the peon money they don’t make on vaccines.

If you smoke or drink: You’re worried about chemical injections for your kids, but second hand smoke is A-okay? Drinking your liver into oblivion around your kids is alright? Wow, you are stand up parent, aren’t you? Nope, just a hypocrite.

Unless you live in a hole in the ground, home school your child (school lunches and preservatives you know), bathe in creek water with rocks, never brush your teeth or use hygiene and live off of tree bark and squirrels….you’re a hypocrite. It just goes to show that you really have no clue just how much of these things are all around us.


Mama Houston said...

Consuming... anything by mouth or coming in contact with contaminates is a far cry from injecting toxins and adjuvants directly into your blood stream. In fact, thank you for proving our point. Many of us who choose natural immunizations such as organic foods, filtered water, aloe gel and baking soda to brush our teeth and other healthy choices do so to bolster our immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses we come into contact with via our skin, mouth, eyes, and those we inadvertently digest naturally and with much more success. We prefer not to inject ourselves with more formaldehyde. mercury, aluminum or aborted fetal cells than absolutely necessary and DEFINITELY not into a newborn baby fresh out of the womb. If you see me as hypocrite, so be it... but I am not shutting up about the harm vaccines can cause and how vaccines in general were and are useless and responsible for the "outbreaks" worldwide. That the number one cause today of polio, measles, whooping cough, and flu IS the vaccines themselves. The chicken pox vaccine insert ALONE says you can infect others with chicken pox for up to six WEEKS, and to be careful around those with compromised immune systems. In addition it states that just like the "wild" virus (same effin virus because it is live) it can stay dormant, and you can get it over and over again. It is ineffective and unsafe. They all are. I never took you for mocking the parents of the vaccine injured or victims of vaccine injuries. :(

David Wilde said...

I never said I was mocking the parents of the vaccine injured. I was very specific. The fact that you want people to believe that vaccines are useless, is the problem. They are NOT useless and history proves it. THAT quackery is what I'm mocking, not victims of vaccine injury which is a whole separate issue. The anti-vaccine blow hards are the ones who are lying. The outbreaks were NOT from the vaccines, they are from all the people NOT taking them. Organic foods are NOT immunizations. What do you think people were eating when the polio vaccine first came out? They didn't have HALF of the preservatives we have today, but you think they made it go away with garlic and onions? NO. Everything you've stated is only supported by the agenda websites who would rather see more outbreaks and spread fear. It's all wrong, it's all false. You are the one being tricked. It's bullshit. I'm sorry, but it is.

John Smith said...

Oh please. There is a massive difference between injecting certain poisons and consuming them through other animals that have already consumed them. Sure, they're still there, they're still in the meat, but are far less harmful then they were before.
And FYI, you can kill and raise your own animals yourself, much like my family does.. And yea, you might think we are all fine, but look at our health problems, not just from consuming meat, obviously, but how can you rule out anything when virtually the health of every individual is on the decline? And has been for years. Auto-immume diseases, on the rise - caner - on the rise, autism - on the rise - Early child hood diseases not seen, or rarely seen 100 years ago, now common in MOST children...everything is on the rise MASSIVELY.
I am not blaming one thing in particular, but everything as a whole - and this is what brings me to my next point.
Us antivaxxers as you say, well at least the ones i know, and myself personally - are very, very well aware of the dangers that chemicals pose, especially those in the "food" sold today. Which wouldn't be there so much, if people like your self didn't keep saying "Oh well, somethings gotta kill me'...
We limit our exposure to these poisons, toxins and other harmful substances, as much as humanly possible - and our health 99% of the time, is a lot better then our counter parts who don't give a fuck.
You can live a life chemical free and still enjoy the normal day to day activities that everyone else does - In better health.

You can buy deodorants that contain little to no chemicals - or you can make it yourself. It's really not that hard.

I really think what you've written is stupid and i think you're preaching to the wrong people - specially considering we already go so far as to limit or exposure and our children's to chemicals, is it really that hard to put 2+2 together and see? No.
Maybe you should be on your own case about these issues, instead of harping on to other people and their lives - when you really have no in site, and nothing to go on but facts that may or may not apply to them.
Jesus fucking christ.

Nicole Johnson said...

I'm not against vaccines. I'm not even against the preservatives. I'm against them sneaking other viruses and sunbstances to kill off certain groups of people and doing experiements without our knowledge. I'm against being lied to. If I get a heb b vaccines, thats what I want. I don't want a vaccine laced with dead babies and HIV and Ebola.

Ellen Diann said...

Eating poorly is also a problem, but bypassing the gut and injecting poisons into the blood is a whole different realm of stupidity. Vaccines are insane and the science is DEMONIC at its best. My God they have NO cures and you imagine they can inject a toxic witches brew and stop what they don't even understand. The Antivax movement are parents with VACCINE INJURED CHILDREN for the most part. They have a RIGHT to say NO MORE INJURY even if they don't understand the truth about vaccine dogma. They just know their healthy child was SERIOUSLY INJURED after injecting that toxic brew into the BLOOD OF THEIR CHILD. What goes through the stomach has a chance to be DETOXED by the liver, kidney and other digestive organs neutralizing and literally pushing the toxins out through the bowls. What about the TOXINS injected through the BLOOD..they get lodged in the brain, the heart and where ever and DO DAMAGE. Wake up people, science as we know it needs to be charged with premeditated murder and allow the doctors who WANT to practice safe and natural healing modalities be released from prisons and be allowed to practice cures. The murdering medical monopoly controlled by drug companies must be stopped.

David Wilde said...

@ John Smith: “Jesus fucking Christ” yourself, buddy. Let’s take a look at your comment and how it doesn’t do a damn thing to refute my mockery of anti-vaccination ideals. Did I say anything about what animals eat? NOPE. Clearly you’ve never been to a processing facility, meat packing plant, or factory to see what really happens there. Clearly, you don’t know what preservatives are or how they get there. It has nothing to do with that the animal ate before it was chopped up and made into your sandwich. It’s all put in during the process after the slaughter. You talk like making your own deodorant is taught in kindergarten. Well, just because you know how, doesn’t meant the general population knows how. Here’s a little experiment for you: go to the mall and ask people if they know how to make their own deodorant.. just yes or no. Mark down your results and have fun getting educated on actual society knowledge. And when quoting someone, you should stick to subjects they actually brought up. I’m not talking about the growth of bad condition in the world, (even though anti-vaxxers think EVERYTHING is caused by vaccines- and they’re not). So stay with the topic. Vaccines do not cause autism, they don’t cause auto-immunes or cancer. They DO protect from debilitating diseases. So I really think your answer is stupid (just to be fair) and you need to go out and learn about ALL of society and how they live instead of just going off your little pocket of people. Good luck.

David Wilde said...

@Nicole Johnson: Holy shit. Vaccines are not laced with secret things to kill off random people. That’s idiotic, impossible to control if they WERE to try it, and there would be thousands of bodies to answer for. No… more like HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. Chemicals in cigarettes still kill more people than vaccines could limply dream of. See, where are all the bodies to support your claim? Not only do they NOT exist, but there’s zero way to prove it’s even a possibility. And Ebola? Dead babies? NO, NO, NO! That’s all fear mongering garbage with no evidence. Anyone who tells you this is taking you for a ride.

David Wilde said...

@Ellen Diann: Demonic? OMG. What you just posted is anti-vaxxer quackery at it’s very worst. None of that is true, none of it exists. Witches’ brew?? You do realize we don’t live in the 1600’s anymore right? Besides, having a child with a vaccine injury does mean that EVERYONE IS AFFECTED THE SAME WAY. People need to get it through their thick heads, NOTHING is 100% safe. That’s why there is a vaccine injury recompensation program. They know this, they admit it and it’s the same for everything you face in life. It’s sad that injuries happen, but you can’t just throw away lifesaving treatments because of the people they didn’t work on. Look around you in actual society. If vaccines were as dangerous as you and your crowd want them to look, EVERYONE WOULD BE INJURED THE SAME WAY. But they aren’t. So there goes your anti-vax logic. Thank you for coming and proving just how insane anti-vax logic really is.

The Acid Queen said...

Hey look,anti-vaxxers trying to show off how science-ignorant they are! What a shocker.

Mama Houston, you get more mercury from a tuna sandwich, a crabcake, or any other kind of seafood dish than you get from a round of vaccinations--by a factor of several thousand. There are no aborted fetal cells in vaccines, and you get more formaldehyde from a peach--again, by a factor of several thousand--than from a round of vaccinations. You get more aluminum in your system from eating food that's been wrapped in tinfoil than you get from a round of vaccinations.

By refusing to vaccinate because of your science ignorance, you and other anti-vaxxers are deliberately and willfully endangering those around you--and you compound it with ableism and flagrant bullshit and woo, in the bargain.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on Camille Klein! You can do better than that!

David Wilde said...

I don't know Anon, that was pretty darn good. :D

David Wilde said...

Let's see your natural immunity beat tetanus.

Elyce-Samantha said...

Nicole Johnson, with my background in psychiatry, which might I boast is about as extensive as the science at the Natural News. I would say you are most likely suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and need to seek professional help immediately. Were you vaccinated as a child, as I have heard rumors of this being a vaccine injury.


ANYONE who says something like "Consuming... anything by mouth or coming in contact with contaminates is a far cry from injecting toxins and adjuvants directly into your blood stream." JUST NO. First off, you need some education: immunizations/vaccines are NEVER given intravenously (injected into a vein aka bloodstream), it's almost always injected into muscle tissue such as the deltoid (shoulder) and/or the anterolateral aspect of the thigh (injected intramuscularly) or is given it does NOT GO STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BLOOD STREAM. People need to learn a thing or two about the mechanics behind a vaccination BEFORE making far-reaching claims such as these. Now then. A vaccination is always given intramuscularly, thus it's absorbed into the muscle, and THEN diffused into the blood stream down the line. Also the same exact thing that happens when you consume something orally (through your MOUTH) or when you inahale something into your lungs. The tissues of the stomach and lungs (respectively) absorbs the [toxin] and it diffuses to the blood stream. There is no difference. NONE. Obviously I have oversimplified this explaination quite a bit, but it's also obvious I seriously had to. Go research more than just conspiracy theories and check out how these things (and your own BODY) works.

David Wilde said...

Thank you ETERNAL! Well done!


It just goes to show many of the anti-vaxxers have not done any research since just within this blog post two people have tried the "poison into blood" far-reaching theory. Try again, guys.

No wait, don't try again, please, just educate yourselves. I don't care if you want to argue all day with someone but at least know the GODDAMN BASICS BEFORE COMING TO SOME RIDICULOUS CONCLUSION THAT THESE INJECTIONS ARE GIVEN STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BLOOD STREAM.

One more thing to add: the immune response to anything entering the body begins WAY before it reaches anything resembling blood.

David Wilde said...


Tigger_the_Wing said...

The phrase that anti-vaccinationists really, really need to learn and understand (I'm such an optimist) is:

"Correlation is not causation."

The science behind vaccination is so simple that it was covered in biology lessons at school when I was a teenager. There is nothing more obvious and natural than the idea of priming the immune system to recognise dangerous diseases before meeting full-strength wild ones.

The rise in sickly children certainly correlates with the rise in vaccines, because these were the very kind of children most likely to die in earlier times from the diseases we now vaccinate against. Just a look at the graves of children from early last century shows how many died in epidemics. We have modern medical science to thank, first for reducing the death rate and then for preventing the disease in the first place.

What else has been on the rise along with vaccines?

Personal transport and electrical goods of all kinds, particularly personal computers, mobile phones and the internet.

And, besides bringing conspiracy theorists together, who else is helped by wide access to information? People with rare, or difficult to diagnose, disorders.

Parents, carers and medical practitioners of children on the autism spectrum are now far more likely to recognise that fact than they were before Asperger's Syndrome became a diagnosis in the 1990s. And adults who grew up thinking they were merely 'odd' or 'eccentric' have been getting diagnosed, even in middle and old age. Not all the rise in autism diagnoses has been in children!

However, it would be so easy to blame the rise in autism diagnoses on access to the internet itself. Perhaps we should suggest that anything capable of internet access should not be owned by conspiracy theorists, as all such devices are unnatural, not organic, made with toxic chemicals…?

And, to finish: it is known that certain diseases can be prevented by introducing tiny amounts of the pathogen, suitably rendered incapable of actual harm, into muscles.

The idea started with Edward Jenner, introducing tiny amounts of cow pox to prevent small pox, which is why, these days, - to honour his memory - we call all inoculations 'vaccinations'. The science supporting this idea is well understood and demonstrated to work.

Someone else was working on the 'like cures like' idea in the 1790s, although this man got it completely wrong - he invented homeopathy. It is a totally unscientific idea that does not, and cannot, work - and has repeatedly been demonstrated not to work. Guess who frequently suggests homeopathy as an alternative to vaccination?

David Wilde said...

Thanks Tigger for posting. Awesome and educational.

Anonymous said...

*slow clap* Thank you