Monday, May 11, 2015

Facebook commentor says autistic children deserve incineration

First, you need to see this story about the Tigard family and how they were forced off a plane because of a child with autism. Oh and language warning for the quote below.

Link HERE.

Get Mrs. Tigard's full explanation of events HERE.

I want to point out that the child in question, never harmed anyone. The Tigard family were in an unfortunate set of circumstances that are not possible to fully control. Imagine being that family for just a second. Okay, try for longer than a second. Your child is headed for a meltdown and you are frantically trying to make any arrangements you can to avoid a very embarrassing and public situation. You have a special needs child. But the world doesn't stop for that. Planes still board and expect to take off on time. So when your child is refusing to eat (under the influence of their condition) and you are faced with missing your plane. What do you do? If you just spout off that you would miss your plane, you clearly don't live your life with a special needs person. And how many flights are you willing to miss?  The treatment of this family is appalling, but then you get people Josh.

Josh posted a comment on the second link above and it was as follows:

Josh comments from Houston, Texas. Note the f-bombs for extra class. Note the severe lack of empathy or understanding by calling a child 'it' and using a word like 'deserve'. I don't know where his hatred of disability comes from, but it's quite a shock to the system. It's comments of that kind that show us our job is not done when it comes to awareness for autism. Maybe Josh just likes to be a troll? Hard to say. If you look at his page, you see that he at least cares about police officers being shot.

But clearly, he has no idea what a person with autism struggles with. The lower the function of the person, the greater the struggle. Maybe our schools need to start teaching humanities? Maybe there needs to be special classes?

People like Josh, make life 10x harder out in public for special needs families. Usually because of lack of tolerance for the needs of other human beings. This is why awareness campaigns much continue. The must continue for the education of the steward and captain on the plane and bystanders like Josh.


Josh's account may be fake! First see it for yourself:  LINK.

Now, if you do an image search you will find THIS. And more because it's a stock photo being used on thousands of websites. How creepy does a person have to be?

Now this is either a stolen photo or actually his face in Wikipedia. Hard to be certain. But there are some interesting things on his FB page.

He likes the Bay City Texas, Police Dept. Which suggests he may live in Bay City instead of Houston. He like Texas A&M University and is on their AG Confessions page. He likes the Eyeworks optometry center?  HERE. Take a look.

The real name of the mug in the photo is apparently Jack Hills. Are the one and the same person. Hard to say

What this does say, is something for the apparent cowardice of people who behave like this online.


Anonymous said...

They should've just been aborted

#But incinerated is fine too

David Wilde said...

Care to clarify who are you are talking about "anonymous"?

Courtney Sullivan said...

Fuck you. In the face. With a fork. YOU should have been the abortion.

David Wilde said...

Courtney's comment is directed at Anon comment 1 at top.

Adelaide Dupont said...


I thought "Tigard" was the place the family was living, rather than their name?

John X. Nemo said...

Great article, Dave. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

The anonymity of the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. I believe that dynamic ultimately serves a greater good, but as we can see from the massive amounts of hateful speech and comments, it also brings out the worst in people.

This "Josh Johnson" would never say something like this in public. That's really the key to it. They are cowards and, constantly frustrated and ever fearful, they lash out like little children because that is the only "power" they have.

I view them with both pity and disdain. It is far harder to approach a situation with compassion, and these sad "men" and "women" simply do not have the inner strength to do so.

They are also hurting, and I hope they find peace.

Anyhow, good read, you seem like a good guy, going to post a link to your article on my Twitter account where hopefully my 4 followers will see it! LOL

Have a great day bro.


(This is John Nemo, not sure how to create an account here but you can PM me on FB if you wish, I've made some comments in the Beegle threads)

David Wilde said...

Thanks for commenting, John. I agree wholeheartedly.