Thursday, April 8, 2010

Answering wolf hybrid mail

First of all, let me offer you my newest article on the realities of owning a wild animal hybrid HERE.

For those of you who write to me or leave a comment about how great your pet has been for you, I'm glad you have had such a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, I think you miss the point or several points that I have been trying to make. This appears to be a trend.

I'm not saying that hybrids can't be taken anywhere by responsible people.

I'm not saying they are monsters that will freak out and hurt everyone near them.

I'm not calling the whole breed evil and I've said over an over that this is happening because people won't stop being stupid with them.

I am saying that they have wild instincts that owners or potential owners had better pay attention to. They are not for the casual owner, and it seems to me that the enthusiasts who are writing me, want to say they are.

I am saying that they must not be advertised as a service animal for the disabled. Yes, I dealt with only one person who made that suggestion, but it only takes one.

Do you, the enthusiasts who keep emailing me, actually want irresponsible people to own a hybrid? Do you want the bad press that will bring?

Honestly, if you don't like my message I can't imagine what you must think of every time someone gets mauled and that goes in the news. But the fact is that a lot of kids are dead.

You especially need to STOP comparing them to the standard domestic dog. Just stop it. They aren't considered or recognized or have the same needs or issues legally as a standard dog. Yes, canine instincts are intact in them all, but a wolf takes those to the extreme and a non-domestic level. You have to stop sugar coating the reality of what you face as a hybrid owner, see article above.

When you contact me and say "my hybrid is nice to everyone" as an argument against my articles, you already lose. It doesn't matter if it's tame or nice to everyone FOR YOU. You are it's owner, you are it's alpha, your family is it's pack. And none of that, NONE OF IT, changes the views of the law. It doesn't change the bottom line.

And I'm not going to debate my reasoning anymore because any fact I have given (see the email correspondence in prior posting) gets deflected to some out of the way and nearly (if not completely) unrelated suggestion that doesn't hold up in court.

And that's what matters people, what will hold up in a court of law! That's why your hybrids are unlawful in EIGHT FREAKING STATES! Not even the pitbull is banned at state level yet that I've found, but if you know one let me know!


mikee said...

Judging by others' comments in your blog, you have proved to me beyond doubt that you are on a witch hunt. You have misquoted the guy that "claimed" his wolf hybrid is service animal. He did not suggest that he bought it that way, there are no breeders who claim their puppies are born as CERTIFIED service puppies, that's ridiculous, so why are you continuing making him out to have done this? Why are you so focused on such an inane point if you are not on a witch hunt?

As far as the law goes, not everything is so B&W like you make things to be for wolfdogs. Case in point, below is an article from Nebraska I saved for reference. The owner at one time was a breeder of very doggish-looking wolf hybrids. And btw the link is no longer active.

Wolf/dog hybrid case dismissed from court
By DeManda Arkfeld
Updated 08/21/2008 03:34:01 PM EDT

The Village of Malmo charged Hall in January 2008 with three counts each of no dog license, harboring a vicious animal and possessing an animal without a permit. All nine counts are misdemeanors, which are punishable by $200 per count.
Judge Marvin Miller dismissed the charges after hearing expert testimony on Aug. 21.
"There is so much possibility with the genetics of animals," Miller said.
Miller stated that the Village had to prove Hall's guilt because it is a criminal case and the Village failed to do so.
The defense provided expert testimony from Doctor Raymond Pierotti of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kan.
Pierotti testified that he examined the animals in question.
"They are dogs," Pierotti said.
According to Pierotti, Hall's animals had more characteristics of dogs then wolves such as their friendliness, their basic stalky body frames and their long and silky fur.
Wolves are known to shy away from human contact, have a longer body frames and have fur that is short, dense and coarse.
The Village of Malmo and Hall have been in conflict for more than a year over Hall's Wolf/Dog hybrids.
However, the original conflict goes back to June 2006 when the Village board denied the renewal of licenses that Hall had on the animals. Hall and Diane Asche, who was also listed as an owner of the dogs were then given 30 days to get rid of the animals.
In August of that year, Hall and Asche filed a motion against Village Clerk, Gary Swartz as an individual and the Malmo Village Clerk for ex parte relief in the Saunders County District Court.
As a result of that case, the judge ordered that Hall and Asche be provided preprinted dog licenses for their animals.
The order required Hall and Asche to keep the animals in kennels and said that the Village could not impound the animals until further order.


mikee said...

About states wanting to ban pit bulls. In Michigan a pit bull ban was proposed in December of 2008 but it was not passed. Ohio is the closest with very strict state wide laws regarding pit bulls.
Did you know in Venezuela, Pit bulls are to be banned at end of 2014?
(so your other point in essence is also pointless)

Otherwise, your blog actually does have some good info for people with mental health issues. You really should stick with that angle. Though possibly you are just using this witch hunt as a ploy to "up" your readership, now isn't that REALLY your actual point afterall. (As in bad publicity can actually be good publicity)

One more thing before I direct myself elsewhere, you are you still using the outdated 2008 stats of Merritt Clifton, why?

Clifton's poorly derived stats have been refuted by several authorities. See for yourself.

Part 1
“Dangerous breeds,” dog bite statistics, and the Merritt Clifton report

Part 2
Pit bulls, dog bite statistics, and the Merritt Clifton report

Part 3
Merritt Clifton list: updated, still with chox-mix goodness

A Response to "Bastard Wolf"\

I'm done debating too.
Have a nice life.

mikee said...

Corrected link

A Response to "Bastard Wolf"

or try

Thewildeman2 said...

Oh yes, NOW it's a witch hunt.

And you still misquote me.

I never said wolf hybrids are or were ever claimed to be BORN as certified service animals. That's ridiculous.

This is not about pitbulls, and yes there are states that want to ban them, but the only canine that is currently banned in the UNITED STATES is the hybrid, that's fact.

I wonder, why are you so concerned about what Micheal Robinson has to say? Are you defending him? Michael Robinson stated to witnesses (not being named for their protection) that his wolf hybrid was indeed an epilepsy service dog. I have to wonder why you are trying so hard to misquote that.

All kinds of cases get dismissed in court for various reasons, that doesn't change the reality of what people face in getting a hybrid.

This subject has gone this far in my blogs because of irrational people jumping all over it with total misdirections lack of any grip on reality. People who misquote me to confuse the issues, like you. Why do you want the issue confused so much? I wonder.

Oh and I thought you were DONE? I just got an email popup that says you have a third comment...

Thewildeman2 said...

Oh a corrected link, well thanks. Too bad it still doesn't change reality. If enthusiasts would stop trying to confuse every opinion that doesn't match their own, maybe they would get somewhere positive for their animals.

Thewildeman2 said...

Correcting, stop trying to confuse every opinion and FACT.

AM said...

I find deep sadness knowing that ANYONE would ever use one of these dangerous beast for a child!

The term "certified" is given lightly to animals but not enough to some humans. Especially anyone who would ever let a wolf around a child. Are you crazy? "Mikee" you seem to me to have an agenda. I would never let my sweet boy or girl around those beast! Get a life!

AM said...

You should keep your dirty little deeds to yourself "mikee".

Heather Babes said...


Witch hunts? Really? No, not at all. The claim was made by a man that wolf-dog hybrids can be a service dog. He actively persists in the notion as well that he is a Lay Person advocate in the autism community. The danger is very real there. It was mentioned by him in various places thoughts of using wolf-dog hybrids for autistic kids, many of whom have epilepsy as well.

But autistic kids also have meltdowns, (well, even us adults do too). Unpredictable body movements... and all sorts of things might bother a DOG, never mind a WOLF.

Having captured, treated and release numerous dogs (domesticated abandoned dogs) over the past couple of years, I have noticed the interaction with my autistic boys. There ARE problems at time. No, they've never been mauled. But my youngest often times excites the dogs because he gets excited, flaps his hands and jumps on his tiptoes. This causes some of the dogs to bark at him, scare him and cause a meltdown.

Obviously, service dogs wouldn't behave that way necessarily. They might be trained to act differently. But a wolf-hybrid? Not sure it's a good idea at all!

But all Dave's point was that people should INVESTIGATE for themselves BEFORE purchasing a hybrid ANIMAL in general in his Examiner article, and in particular to the wolf-dog hybrid here in his blog. How is that a witch hunt?

I'm an educated individual. I don't see how that leap was made. Dave presented his facts and opinions based on those facts. Anyone considering a hybrid animal (either for service or pet) should do the same as Dave did which was HIS POINT. Do you not see that?

He very clearly stated at the beginning of these two articles/blogs. And has repeated them in his responses. THIS (the idea of a wolf-hybrid) has ISSUES. Please research before purchasing! The WHY the person should research is given in the form of facts (disputable or otherwise) and opinions based upon those facts. It's as clear as day to me. So, how does that equal a witch hunt again, Mr. Robinson?

Thewildeman2 said...

Thank you Heather, you hit it square on.