Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is your bath warm enough?

I'm fortunate to have a child who absolutely loves his bathtime. I'm sure it helps that we have a great big tub that he can make a small swimming pool out of. Getting in the bath excites his imagination and all sorts of little worlds come into play. That makes it hard to get him to concentrate on the actual cleaning, but hey, he's halfway there right?

Well, about two years ago he threw us a bit of a curveball in taking his bath. Everything was set out for him, his jammies and towel and there was no problem with leaving him alone in the bathroom. Now we all know what a towel is for, drying off after your cleaning escapade, but keep the definition in mind.

I was handling other business around the house and he was in his bath, and he called for me. It didn't sound urgent so I walked in calmly to see what he needed. I found him in his bath complete with his towel. The towel freely floated in the bathwater.

"What are you doing?" I asked pointing at the towel.
He looked up at me, just as matter of fact as you please, "I got cold."

Naturally, he figured that, since a towel warms him (after he gets out of the bath) and his bath was getting cold, the towel would warm him back up. What happens when the whole towel gets wet didn't occur to him. So, with explanations and a few laughs, I helped him get out and get a dry towel. I followed up with, "Do you think you should do that again?" His answer satisfied me that he learned his lesson.


aspiemom said...

That's so sweet!

My youngest, who is a possible ADD/Tourette's, hates taking a shower or bath. It's too much trouble. LOL

My aspie loves the shower and we have to limit his time in there!

Anonymous said...
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