Friday, April 2, 2010

The teachings of Christ; what have we learned?

I believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe in all of his teachings as depicted in the bible. However, while I wish everyone a glorious Easter Sunday, I find myself wondering what we have learned.

Look at how we treat each other. Has it changed much since he died on the cross for us? Have we really taken in what it means to love our neighbor? I know we have neighbors who make it very difficult to tolerate them, never mind love them. How about 'respect', is that a better word? We still don't do it.

We sure preach it though. When ever it's convenient and we think it makes us 'right' we take our religious lessons and dish em right out. Sadly, that only makes us right for a fraction of time. It makes us right in a given circumstance, but not throughout our lives. We say it, but we don't live it.

Jesus said: If you have two coats, give one to someone who has none.
We say: Every man for himself. You're on your own!

Jesus was persecuted, tortured and nailed to a cross.
We still commit discrimination against any who are different from us or we just don't agree with (soldiers, disbabled, colored, religious belief, etc etc etc.) and deny them place in our societies (whether by large or small portion).

And don't say you donated to Goodwill and that absolves you. It doesn't. Shoving off your old stuff you don't need (even though it's a worthy organization) is not the same as what Jesus was talking about. But yes, charity is nice. We still only do it when it's convenient.

There are those of us who do the best we can to live up to these teachings and actually go to church for that specifically. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the moral majority whether they go to church or not.

So, as you go to church this Easter Sunday, I am asking that you ask yourself: What more could I do? Am I living up to what I preach myself? Just ask yourself. And have a blessed holiday.

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aspiemom said...

Have a blessed Easter! I love Easter!