Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They just walked past him as he died

I can't think of how many times I've been asked what the world is coming to. But I can sure tell you where it's headed!

There are at least seven people who should be ashamed of themselves in their callousness. Why? Because on April 18th at around 6 am a man was stabbed fatally while attempting to help a woman being attacked. As he lay on the sidewalk near the curb, bleeding to death, that's how many people walked by and let him die. All were caught on a building security camera and some even stopped to gawk and stare. This happened in New York City, but it's not only happening there. Check out the news story here.

One of those people who stopped apparently called 911, but an hour had gone by and the man was dead. Do you know how long it takes to bleed out from serious wounds like that? Less than 12 minutes. From some wounds you can die in as little as 8 minutes from blood loss. I'm sure he landed somewhere in the middle. Let's say it took ten minutes. That means he had enough time to lay there and die SIX TIMES. Considering the report suggests help didn't arrive until 7:20, you can add a couple more times to that.

So, at least six out of those seven who just left him there and couldn't even be bothered to make an anonymous phone call on their cell phone or a pay phone (whatever) FAIL AT HUMANITY! The woman he tried to help, unless she was the one who finally called... FAILS TOO. The guy with the knife needs to go to prison and the woman may as well join him for fleeing the scene of a crime.

This is not an isolated incident. It's happening everywhere. And you should be absolutely horrified. People who don't get out of the way for an ambulance, or ignore someone who's hurt, or put down people for having medical conditions and leaving them to suffer. People who won't help their fellow man any more... one of these days it will be YOU. The new motto these days for America is "Everyone for themselves and to themselves". The response to people in need is a resounding "SHUT UP!"

Don't believe me? Look at how we failed in Hurricane Katrina. People lay on the sidewalks in New Orleans DYING for days, while we all watched on the news and drooled on our shoes. Especially our so-called government. It certainly doesn't stop there. Yeah I'm being harsh, but ya know what?... It's kind of hard to get more harsh than DEAD.

Our country is failing it's poor and huddled masses that it INVITES to it's shores. It's allowing people to become homeless and blaming them for not being able to pay for things so overpriced that there's no hope of paying on three jobs per household. Then we go bail out all the rich idiots! Next we'll be punishing the middle class families because they can't afford the gouging price of medical insurance. Leaving them to die on the sidewalk from unfair fines that they will have no more ability to pay than the insurance companies.

We need to stop letting people suffer and die and finally become the great nation we keep bragging about.


Amy C. said...

I would have never believed people were just so awful. But I experienced this first hand when I got mugged in Philadelphia on a busy street at 3pm in the afternoon. I was attacked and thankfully NOT hurt. But afterward while I stood there not knowing what to do next, no one stopped to help. People just drove right on by.

I went into a doctors office right there and asked to use the phone because I had just been mugged. The woman at the desk almost didn't allow me to use their phone because it wasn't for "public use". She said, "who are you calling?" When I told her "the police" she said, oh, well I guess you can use it.

People can be mean. I firmly believe that is why so many struggle for civil rights.

Thankfully, there are people like you, also!!

Keep up the great work, Dave!

Thewildeman2 said...

Thanks Amy, and wow, even after mentioning "POLICE" the woman had no heart. She better hope no one has to "guess" if she needs help one day. The human race is in big need of sensitivity training.